Who invented dark energy?

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No one invented dark energy. It is a possible property of the universe like gravity. The first person to conceive of an idea somewhat like the current idea of dark energy was Alan Guth.

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Who invented energy?

who invented hydroelectric energy

Who invented the dark ages?

Who was the leader of the dark ages

Who invented the chemical energy?

chemical energy was not "invented" it is energy that is not naturally produced

Which is thought to be more prevalent in the universe dark matter or dark energy?

Dark energy. The current estimates for the distribution of mass/energy in the Universe are approximately: 68% dark energy 27% dark matter 5% baryonic (i.e. "normal") matter

Who invented energy saving lamps?

i Brandon invented energy

When was ocean energy invented?

Ocean energy was invented In 1966

Can Astronomer's directly detect dark energy and dark matter?

Dark matter and dark energy have NOT been detected yet, so any ideas about detecting dark energy and dark matter, whether it be directly or indirectly, is speculation for now.

When was dark chocolate made?

Dark chocolate was invented in 1593

Who invented dark chocolate?

Chance Coy invented dark chocolate gross, he's in my class. See ya

What percentage of the universe is speculated to be composed of dark matter and dark energy?

4% normal matter 23% dark matter 73% dark energy

Is there any evidence that either Dark Energy or Dark Matter decay?

no there is no evidence however we believe that it would be dark energy

Who invented sound energy?

Sound energy was never invented, but it was discorvered.

When it is dark does solar energy work?

Solar energy can be USED in the dark, but cannot be collected .

Is the universe matter?

The Universe contains matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, empty space - and of course, lots of structures made up of those.The Universe contains matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, empty space - and of course, lots of structures made up of those.The Universe contains matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, empty space - and of course, lots of structures made up of those.The Universe contains matter, energy, dark matter, dark energy, empty space - and of course, lots of structures made up of those.

What percent of the universe is made up of dark energy?

Dark energy -- whatever it turns out to be -- constitutes about 74% of the energy in our Universe.

If light is energy then what about dark is it also energy?

Dark is the absence of light. Dark is nothing itself other than the absence of light.

What does dark energy mean?

The term "dark energy" refers to the force that is driving the accelerating expansion of the universe. It is referred to as "dark" because the nature of this energy is currently a mystery to scientists.

Why was energy invented?

Why was energy invented? Well it was invented so that, people can use it for stuff such as light bulbs microwaves etc. That is why energy was invented. Thanx xoxo confused lil girl!

What is the difference between dark energy and dark matter and what are the inferred affects of each?

From my studies dark energy creates electrical phtons making a stonger pull to the source than dark matter does. In fact, I think that dark energy can power a car, but sadly it is impossible to harness dark energy. I'll have to do little more research to be sure.

Who invented glow in the dark paint?

I'm not that sure who invented glow in the dark, but German alchemist Hennig Brand discovered Phosphor, the main "ingredient" in glow in the dark things.

What is agegraphic dark energy and what is conform time in new agegraphic dark energy?

Agegraphic dark energy is the name of a particular mathematical model for dark energy. The name appears to have been chosen as a callback to another model ("holographic dark energy") and the fact that in the ADE model, the age of the universe is a parameter. The conformal time is a parameter in this model; the energy density of the universe is inversely proportional to the square of the conformal time.

What energy is in black holes?

Dark Energy/Matter

What effects does dark energy seem to have on the universe?

We can't say. "Dark energy" and "dark matter" are currently just mathematical abstractions; we don't know if they exist, or what properties they might have if they do. At this point, anything you read or see about dark matter and dark energy are guesses and wishful thinking.

If there is dark matter and dark energy is there dark light?

The concepts of dark matter and dark energy are too ill-defined to suggest an answer to your question, but probably not. Dark matter and dark energy are "somethings" we surmise to answer a set anomalies raised by observed conditions. There is no observed anomaly that requires dark light to put things back in their proper order, and the term is a bit self-contradictory.

Does dark energy affect the size of a universe?

Yes. Due to dark energy, the Universe is expanding faster and faster.

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