Who invented education?

Human beings, like many other animals, have been teaching their children (their young) in one form or another from the dawn of life on earth. The systems of education have changed, or evolved, over time, but the older people always show younger people how to gather food, how to hunt, how to read weather and use the terrain to track relative location. Dressing game, preparing food, making primitive clothing and weapons and a hundred other "subjects" were on the schedule. It was almost like on-the-job training or education in a trade as we see them today, and it's where a great deal of emphasis is placed on the "doing" of a job. Humans have taught their young in one way or another for as long as humans have had children. In the beginning, if the young hadn't been taught, they died or were killed; they were learning survival skills, and their lives depended on mastery of the subjects. It's now down to teaching children so they can take on the more complex problems of living in modern society, and that fosters their ability to operate independently in it and thrive. No one "invented education" as asked, but only developed it in stages beginning in ancient times.