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Human beings, like many other animals, have been teaching their children (their young) in one form or another from the dawn of life on earth. The systems of education have changed, or evolved, over time, but the older people always show younger people how to gather food, how to hunt, how to read weather and use the terrain to track relative location. Dressing game, preparing food, making primitive clothing and weapons and a hundred other "subjects" were on the schedule. It was almost like on-the-job training or education in a trade as we see them today, and it's where a great deal of emphasis is placed on the "doing" of a job. Humans have taught their young in one way or another for as long as humans have had children. In the beginning, if the young hadn't been taught, they died or were killed; they were learning survivalskills, and their lives depended on mastery of the subjects. It's now down to teaching children so they can take on the more complex problems of living in modern society, and that fosters their ability to operate independently in it and thrive. No one "invented education" as asked, but only developed it in stages beginning in ancient times.

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What was invented by a Canadian physical education instructor?

Basketball was invented by a Canadian physical education instructor.

Who invented the educational system?

humans invented education.

Is education invented by the Romans?

No, for instance the Greeks had education/schools.

How much education did Margret Knight have?

lot's... invented things she had to have lots of education!

Who invented the concept of basic education?

Mahatma Gandhi

Who invented Gifted And Talented Education?

Bob Alvin invented it in 1979. He was a professor at Harvard University.

When was basket ball invented and who invented it?

basketball was invented in 1891 by a man known as James Nasiksl, he was a Physical Education teacher in oranton university.

Who invented the drug abuse resistance education program?


Who first invented Gumby the cartoon?

Gumby the cartoon was invented by Art Clokey. He invented Gumby in the early 1950s after he completed his education at the University of Southern California.

What year was eclipse ball invented?

Eclipse Ball was invented around 1980 but was not introduced to the physical education until 1994.

When was education invented?

When eve was created from adams rib... And not dirt as adam

What did Benjamin Banneker like to do when he was young?

benjamin invented things and was a education student

What big idea in education did the puritans invented that you still use now?

the chalk board!

What are the latest invented technologies useful in education?

I think it's laser pointer pen.

Who invented volleyball?

Volleyball was invented by William George Morgan in September of 1895 at the Holyoke, Massachusetts YMCA in the United States, where is was the Director of Physical Education.

Who invented basketball when were?

Dr. James Naismith invented the basketball in 1891. He was a Canadian Phisical Education teacher at McGill university in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The inventor of basketball?

James Naismith was the Canadian physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891.

Who first invented the exams?

The first civilization to have a system of education was the Sumerians. You can blame them for the invention of "exams".

Why was kickball invented?

Kickball (originally called Kick Baseball) was invented by Nicholas Seuss in 1917. It was used by physical education teachers to teach children the rules of baseball.

How invented home worck?

1: An idiot. 2: Homework was a concept explored in the very first education systems back in the beginning of modern history as an essential part of overall education. It is a time tested necessary installment of education.

Some info of basketball history?

James Naismith was the Canadian physical education who invented basketball in 1891

What did franz nachtegall invented?

His was not an inventor, hes is known because he introduced Physical Education into the schools of Denmark

Who was the first invented education year 1800s?

Education existed thousands of years before the 1800s. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks, and also ancient Chinese, for instance, had ways of educating their young.

Why did they invented school?

some ideit who thinks that kids need education when u cud be at home playing games

What name was the inventor teacher of basketball?

James Naismith was the Canadian physical education instructor who invented basketball in 1891.

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