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Who invented first motherboard?


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IBM, in 1981.

There was no specific invention or inventor of a first motherboard. The concept of a motherboard evolved over a number of years responding to the reduction in electronic component size. One of the original concepts in computer construction was the backplane. The backplane allowed for circuit card to be plugged in on one side. Its back had rows of pins corresponding to the socket connections. The pin connections defined how the attached circuit cards functioned and pins were connected to other pins with wires wrapped around them.

As technology matured, electronic parts were combined into Integrated circuit (IC) chips which were mounted on the backplane itself and the pins and wiring on the rear of the backplane were replaced by printed circuits. This eventually became what we call a motherboard, mainboard or some equivalent name.

Original microcomputers and personal computers had a central processor (CPU), memory, and control circuitry on the motherboard. That took up all the available space. Most other parts required their own support circuitry that would not fit on the motherboard so they were placed on individual circuit cards plugged into the motherboard. This included additional memory, output display, hard drives controllers, and even standard input/output ports such as serial (RS232,) Printer(parallel), mouse and game ports. Most of these eventually became compact enough to be integrated onto the motherboard board we use today.


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Like other early computer inventions, there is no single inventor of the motherboard. The early computers each had their own version of a motherboard.

Install the motherboard first. The drives will have wiring harness to connect to the motherboard.

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The first motherboard was built for the Apple II by Stephen Wozniak.

The first motherboard was built for the Apple II by Stephen Wozniak.

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The motherboard was invented as a form factor for a place to install computer components. Using a printed circuit board cuts down on a lot of wire clutter and capacitor banks. With a motherboard all of that stuff is in or on the board. So I guess the short answer would be for simplicity and compactness.

I usually put in the motherboard first. After the motherboard you put in the CPU & then the CPU cooler which is rather difficult to install if there are other components (like hard drives) on the way. By putting in the motherboard first everything else is much easier.

Verify that you have selected the right motherboard to install in the system.

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Verify that you have selected the right motherboard to install in the system

Verify that you have selected the right motherboard to install in the system

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First, standoffs are screwed into the case to hold the motherboard out from the case wall. Then, the motherboard is places on top of the standoffs and secured with screws. Then, everything else is connected to the motherboard.

Check with the motherboard processor compatibility sheet of the motherboard you have first. A BIOS update may be needed for your current motherboard.

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You can only discover things that existed before you knew they existed. Motherboards were created very late in the history of computing, long after the microprocessor was invented. Perhaps you discovered your computer has a motherboard, but that is only because you did not know that; the first people to create a motherboard had to very deliberately figure out how to make it and carefully design it. The original IBM PC, released in 1981 appears to be the first machine with a primitive motherboard. Earlier microcomputers just used a simple backplane, derived from those used on the minicomputers of the time. However it is not possible to identify a specific engineer in IBM that was responsible for its creation, it probably evolved through the collaborative effort of several people on the team.

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