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Who invented fish and chips?

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Joseph Malin in 1860 London is the first known person to open a fish and chip shop. There were previous to this, fried fish shops in the south of England and fried chip shops in the north. It wasn't until around this time that the two were brought together in one dish.

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Why was fish and chip invented?

Well.... that is like saying why was Pasta invented. It was invented because it tastes good, and not everyone can have meat so they made fish & chips :D

When were fish and chips invented?

The first Fish and Chip shop was opened in London by Joseph Malin in 1860

What really are fish and chips?

Fish and chips ... really is fish and chips. The fish is usually cod/haddock in batter or breadcrumbs. Chips are (what Americans call) fries.

What is the british name for fish and chips?


What is chips in a fish?

it is a fish that has swallowed some chips

When was fish and chips invented?

Fish and chips (sometimes written "fish 'n' chips") is a popular take-away food that originated in the United Kingdom in 1858 or 1863. It consists of deep-fried fish (traditionally cod, haddock or flounder) in batter or breadcrumbs with deep-fried chipped (slab-cut) potatoes.

What were the long and short term causes of the Reformation in Europe?

fish and chips fish and chips I would have to say... fish and chips.

Why was fish and chips invented?

because it is the same thing as french fries but called a differnt name... because they wanted to be invented thats why jerk

Are their fish and chips in the Mediterranean?

Fish certainly. The chips might be soggy....

Did The Beatles like fish and chips?

No, they were a not a fan of the fish and chips combo.

What are bells fish and chips aims?

A type of fish n chips.

Would you put gravy on your fish and chips?

Not on the fish - but on the chips... YUMMY !

What are the advantages and disadvantages of fish and chips?

advantages: Chips disadvantages: Fish

Which Country did Fish and Chips originate from? and chips originated in the UK

Is fish and chips englands traditional dish?

yes, fish and chips is traditional.

How many fish and chips shops are in Greece?

Only ONE Original fish and chips and it's OCEAN fish&chips in Mediterranean Cosmos Thessaloniki

What rhymes with fish and chips?

chips and dips

What are Fish and Chips made from?

Fish and chips are made from battered fish and french-fried potatoes. Usually the fish is cod or halibut.

Are fish and chips from England?

Fish and chips is a very common English meal and we have many Fish and Chip Shops.

What is the best fish for fishing chips?

I assume you mean fish and chips. Cod is the best.

Were do fish and chips come from in the world?

Fish come from the sea and chips are made from potatoes.

How much did fish and chips cost in 2014?

how much did fish and chips cost in 2011

What presidential was in office when potato chips were invented?

what president was in office when potato chips were invented

How do you say fish and chips in french?

the french do not eat fish and chips and so there is no phrase for it however fish = poisson and = et chips = pommes frites hope this helps

How many calories in fish and chips-?

The calories in fish and chips can vary by the size of the serving and how it is prepared. The calories in an average serving of battered fish and chips is 1500.