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Who invented gaia online?


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That would be the admins on gaia.


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Craig Sherman invented Gaia Online. DID YOU KNOW THAT? I DIDN'T THINK SO.

It is impossible to delete your Gaia Online character.

Gaia Online was created on 2003-02-18.

You cannot dye your paper on Gaia Online.

You cannot buy gold at an online Gaia Shop, sorry dear. ;)

My Gaia -> Account It's under the My Gaia menu.

Botting is illegal in Gaia Online. Earn your gold properly, please.

Gaia Online is designed to be cheat-proof and cheat-free.

Gaia Online is an online hangout, incorporating social networking, forums, gaming and a virtual world.

For Gaia Online? If so then or

Google Gaia Autorefresher and check the results.

Gaia online is bad for kids or any one under 12 years in age!

You dont win it, sorry you buy it with gaia cash

you have to click on them

I think you are either a beginner on gaia online and you think there is supposed to be a license or you saw someone on gaia with the license, you don't buy one, but if you still think you do you can search the marketplace. But you don't need a drivers license to race in gaia.

Gaia Online is extremely popular. There are typically anywhere from 50,000 to 110,000 or more users online at any time of the day. Its forum is one of the very largest in the world. About 100,000 transactions occur daily in Gaia's marketplace. Anwhere from 500 to thousands of users are in Gaia towns at any time. Gaia Online's size is staggering for an online community.

Gaia online administrator is not offered online. However, you may contact the site, see the 'contact_us' link far below their homepage, on the proper procedure.

I'm pretty sure there's no more gaia IM

search on youtube: how do you add a playlist on you gaia online profile.

You cannot buy Gaia gold. There are no "safe shops". If you're found "buying gold" (which you're just going to get scammed out of cash), then you can be permabanned. You can, however, use your money to buy Gaia Cash directly from Gaia Online, and sell the items on the marketplace for gold.

Go to the category "My Gaia," then click on "Avatar." You will then be taken to where you can customize your avatar with the clothing you have.

Yes there is . That

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