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Who invented hollow tip bullets?

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No one really knows. Some will say the British Army, but most likely they were adapting earlier bullet designs.

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What is difference between hollow point bullets and field tip bullets?

Hollow point rounds (JHP) have hollow tips and are designed to expand on contact. 'Field' tip cartridges are not hollowed out at the tip, and achieve their expansion through the use of soft, and often unjacketed, material at their tips.

Are hollow tip bullets legal in Nevada?

Yes, Hollow point bullets are legal in Nevada. However, amour piercing bullets for pistols are not. Also, if you have tracer bullets (pistol or rifle), you cannot fire them on the open range due to fire danger.

Will a Glock shoot hollow tip bullets?

Yes, like other auto-loading firearms the Glock will feed and fire hollowpoint bullets.

Why were hollow point bullets invented?

Difference between hollow points bullets and ball point bullets?

Hollow point bullets literally have a hollow point, and ball ammo does not.

When where bullets invented?

Bullets were invented in prehistoric times. Originally bullets were not made for use with firearms as they were invented before firearms were.

Are hollow point bullets illegal in Indiana?


Are hollow point bullets illegal in California?


Are hollow point bullets illegal in Texas?


Are hollow point bullets illegal in Arizona?

No, they are not.

Are hollow point bullets illegal in Georgia?


Do they make hollow point bullets for a Glock 17?

Yes, you can find a wide variety of readily available 9mm hollow point bullets and ammunition.

When did the rapper hollow tip die?

Hollow Tip is not dead. He is alive residing in North Highlands, CA.

Are bullets hollow?

Most are not. Some may have hollow parts, but most are filled with lead.

What makes a bullet a hollow point?

Instead of a pointed tip, the tip of the bullet is a somewhat cone shaped hollow.

Why teflon tip bullets?

Some bullets are coated with Teflon to protect the barrel from excessive wear and fouling. Other coatings for bullets include molybdenum disulfide, wax, and other proprietary films. Some bullets have a plastic tip or plugs and are generically called "poly-tips" and people sometimes mistake this for Teflon. The plugs initiate rapid expansion by acting like a piston which gets driven into a hollow cavity in the bullet. Such poly tipped bullets are commonly used for hunting small or thin skinned animals. One popular type of poly tipped bullet is the Nosler Ballistic Tip.

Are hollow point bullets use banned in Florida?


Are hollow point bullets legal in Colorado?


Are hollow point bullets legal in South Carolina?


Are hollow point bullets legal in Maine?


Are 22 caliber hollow point bullets unlegal?

No, they are not.

Are hollow point bullets illegal in New Mexico?

I used hollow point bullets for years, I was in Law Enforcemet in the Air Force, no one ever told me they were illegal

What is Florida law concerning hollow point bullets?

No special law ref: hollow points.

Are polymerballistic tip bullets good?


Are hollow point bullets legal in West Virginia?