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Who invented hot sauce?

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Which hot sause was invented in louisianana?

which hot sauce was invented in louisiana

What was invented in Louisiana?

hot sauce

Why was hot sauce invented?

because people that like spicy food made hot sauce that spicy people like

Is hot sauce Tabasco sauce?

Tobasco sauce is a type of hot sauce (a specific brand), the reverse is not true.

What is the pH of hot sauce?

i am saying about 3.5 for hot sauce

What do you do with the hot sauce in club penguin?

you get an obery and put the hot sauce on it

is hot sauce bad for a diabetic ?

is hot sauce bad for a diabetic ?

Where can one go to purchase hot sauce gifts?

Hot Sauce World, and Hot Sauce have wonderful hot sauce gifts available. Another option would be to go to your local mass merchant store such as Target or Walmart. They also carry hot sauce gifts.

What is a substitute for taco sauce?

Louisiana Hot Sauce, Texas Pete, Choula Hot Sauce, the list goes on. sources-

Is hot sauce a sauce?

yes, sauces are usually sauces. wow why do u think it called "hot sauce"? of corse its a sauce silly

Is hot sauce acidic?

Hot sauce contains several acidic products.

Is hot sauce a liquid?

If at room temperature, the hot sauce is not solid, then it is a liquid.

When was Crystal Hot Sauce created?

Crystal Hot Sauce was created in 1923.

What benefits can you get from hot sauce?

One benefit you can get from hot sauce is clearing your sinuses.

What is Caribbean hot sauce?

exactly that.. hot sauce. if you're from north America then chances are its hotter than what you eat but still its just hot sauce made from peppers

Can hot sauce give you the hiccups?

Yes hot sauce can give you the hiccups but I do not know the cause or reason why it does but everytime I put alot of hot sauce on food I get the hiccups.

Do cats get sick if they eat hot sauce?

It depends on the cat if eating hot sauce will make him sick. If your cat has a delicate stomach, hot sauce may not agree.

Is organic hot sauce good for you?

Yes, organic hot sauce is very good for you, increasing your endorphins and clearing your sinuses. Often hot sauce has detoxifying properties.

What stores could a person purchase hot sauce at as a gift?

Hot Sauce World and Hot Sauce Wizard offer hot sauce to purchase as a gift. They also offer the option of gift wrapping and shipping directly to the person the gift is intended for.

Is hot sauce the same as chili sauce?

No of couse!

Why does Jill Scott drink hot sauce?

Hot Sauce helps you sing better stupid

What is the most popular hot sauce in America?

the most popular hot sauce in America is tapatio.

What does salsa picante mean in English?

Simple... hot sauce. ("salsa"-sauce and "picante'- hot

How do you say the Bar b q sauce is very hot?

The BBQ sauce is very hot.

What is in buffalo wing sauce?

Buffalo Wings. No, but seriously, the classic hot wing sauce basically consists of melted margarine and a hot sauce.