Hybrid Cars

Who invented hybrid cars?

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The hybrid car was invented by Ferdinand Porsche in 1899.

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How were hybrid cars invented?

The first hybrid gasoline-electric car was invented in 1899.Regenerative breaking hybrid car was invented in 1978.

Why was the first hybrid car invented?

For the same reasons as with other types of cars invented in the 1880s and 1890s.

What country has hybrid cars?

all countries have hybrid cars

Do hybrid cars run on the sun?

Hybrid cars do not run on the power of the sun. Hybrid cars use a battery and gas to run.

What warranties do the hybrid cars that are listed offer?

The warranties of hybrid cars are dependent upon the manufacturer of the hybrid car. Most hybrid cars come with the standard manufacturer warranty.

Who discovered hybrid cars?

Hybrids were not discovered, they were invented. The first hybrid car invented was a 100-year-old Porsche! The car had in-wheel electric motors and an onboard gas engine to recharge the batteries.

Best list of good hybrid cars?

Many web sites offer top ten lists and reviews on hybrid cars. Lists and reviews from reputable sites can be found at, and

What is another word for Hybrid cars?

another word for hybrid cars are bunnies

Could you inform me about 2012 hybrid cars?

Hybrid cars are cars that have more than one source of power that moves the vehicle. According to most rankings, the best hybrid cars of 2012 are the Toyota Prius series, the Ford Fusion Hybrid and the Honda Civic Hybrid.

Are hybrid cars a nonrenewable energy resource?

are hybrid cars renewable or non renewable

Is there any country which uses hybrid cars?

There are hybrid cars in use in many countries.

Are hybrid cars different than electric cars?

Unlike Electric Cars, Hybrid Cars don't need an outlet to charge battery

Types of fuel efficient cars?

Hybrid cars like Civic hybrid and cars with DICOR like Indigo DICOR

What are the disadventages of hybrid cars?

hybrid cars cost anywhere from 20 to 30 thousand dollars

Where are hybrid cars used?

Hybrid cars are made by all manufacturers and are driven any and everywhere.

How many homes are powered by hybrid cars?

None. Hybrid cars do not have the ability to power homes.

What were hybrid cars predecessors?

Conventional cars.

Where was hybrid cars invented?

In 1901, while employed at Lohner Coach Factory, Ferdinand Porsche designed the "Mixte", a series-hybrid vehicle based on....... For the full article, go to WIKIPEDIA and type in hybrid electric vehicle

How many hybrid cars have been sold worldwide?

Worldwide, over 7.5 million hybrid cars have been sold. California leads the nation with the most sales of hybrid cars.

What are all of the hybrid electric cars?

Hybrid cars are not the same as an electric car. Electric cars run on electric power exclusively, while hybrid cars use a combination of electric energy and another fuel to run.

When were hybrid cars invented?

In 1905, Mr. H Piper filed a patent for a gasoline engine-electric motor powertrain.

What companies make hybrid cars?

KIA Optima makes Hybrid and so does SonataIt would probably be easier to answer the question if it were reworded "What are companies that don't sell hybrid cars?" Here is a list of many of the car companies who offer hybrid cars and trucks along with some of their models:BMW - Active Hybrid5Buick - LaCrosse eAssist HybridCadillac - Escalade HybridChevrolet - Tahoe hybrid, Silverado hybrid pickupFord - Fusion, Escape and C-Max HybridsGMC - Yukon Hybrid SUVHonda - Civic Hybrid and CR-Z HybridHyundai - Sonata HybridInfinity - M35h HybridLexus - LS 600hL HybridLincoln - MKZ HybridMazda - CX-S SUV HybridMercedes - S400 BlueHybridNissan - Altima HybridPorche - Panamera S HybridToyota - Prius and Camry hybrids, Highlander Hybrid SUVVolkswaggon - Touareg HybridThis is not even close to the full list of manufacturers or hybrid cars, SUVs and pickups that are offered. Hybrid cars are very popular.

How to Compare Hybrid Cars?

If you want to save the most money on a hybrid car, then you will need to compare a bunch of choices. One way to compare hybrid cars is by doing an online comparison. Simply go to a website that offers a comparison system for hybrid cars. You will be able to view the latest prices on hybrid cars. It is definitely worthwhile to do a comparison of hybrid car prices.

What are the benefits of hybrid vehicles.? - Advantages of Hybrid Cars. Hybrid cars carry with them a bundle of advantages. Hybrids combine clean energy of the electrical motor

What companies currently offer cars that are hybrid?

There are many companies that offer hybrid cars for sale. Some examples of companies that offer hybrid cars for sale include Lincoln, Honda, and Volkswagen.