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Who invented magnets?

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The Ancient Greeks first discovered magnets underground

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Why were magnets invented?

Magnets were not invented, they were discovered. Naturally occurring magnets called Lodestones have been known and used in compasses to navigate for thousands of years.

Who is the person who invented magnets?

Nobody invented magnets because magnets and magnetic principles are found in nature. a first MAGNET was not invented, but rather were found from naturally occurring MINERALS called "MAGNETITES or "LODESTONES".

How were magnets invented?

Magnets as such was not invented.Rocks containing the mineral Magnetite are naturally magnetic and were used as the first magnets.Later when humans understood the nature of and composition of materials in a magnetic rock we started to experiment and actually invented other types of magnets.1730 - Compound MagnetServigton Savery produces the first compound magnet by binding together a number of artificial magnets with a common pole piece at each end.1740 - First Commercial MagnetGowen Knight produces the first artificial magnets for sale to scientific investigators and terrestrial navigators.For more information, please check out Related link down below.

What inventions did people use before the telagraph was invented?

mail, wires, and, elctro-magnets

When were magnets invented?

Magnets as such were not invented. Natural occurring mineral like Magnetite are magnetic. We have since approx 1730 been able to artificially make magnets. These days we can design a magnet to almost any shape and also give it a "charge" of almost any pattern we like. Magnets are still in the area of experimenting and inventions still happen in this field. Scientists these days search for a method in order to make a monopole.

What country invented the magnet?

No country invented the magnet. Magnets are naturally occurring objects. The Chinese were the first to use a magnet as an aid to navigation.

What are the 4 magnetic magnets?

the four magnets are: Magnets, magnets, Magnets, Billy Mays

How many kinds of magnets are there?

there are ring magnets, bar magnets, horseshoe magnets, U-shaped magnets, button magnets and more.

What are the different types of magnet?

Ring magnets,pole magnets, horsehoe Magnets,circular magnets, ball-ended magnets,permanent magnets,temporary magnets and electromagnets

What is magnets?

magnets are magnetic rocks, basically.

What are some names of small magnets?

Refrigerator magnets, car magnets, neodymium magnets are names of small magnets.

What did William Gilbert invent?

In the 1600's William Gilbert invented Magnets and objects to demagnetize certain objects.

What magnets are used for refrigerator magnets?

bar magnets

Who invented the Rare Earth Magnets?

Rare earth magnets were developed in 1966 by K.J. Strnat and G. Hoffer when they discovered an alloy of cobal and yttrium in a laboratory. There are several different types of rare earth metals.

How do you make a flying car with magnets?

put magnets and put magnets on a car and put magnets on a car and put the car on the road and put the magnets on the road and put the magnets touch the magnets on the road and on the car

What are artificial magnets?

artificial magnets are the magnets which are made by the humans

What is atracted to magnets?

There are a few things that could be attracted to magnets. Magnets and certain metals are attracted to certain magnets.

What are the examples of artificial magnets?

The examples of artificial magnets are u shaped magnet or horse shoe magnets , dumb bell magnets , cylindrical magnets etc..

Are smaller magnets stronger than larger magnets?

Smaller magnets may be stronger than bigger magnets. It depends on what they are made of. Rare earth magnets are more powerful than plain iron magnets.

What are some things that repel to magnets?

what repels to magnets and they only repel to magnets?

Where were artificial magnets discovered?

the first artifial magnetwas discovered in Thailand. it was invented by cruize limoned but then the magnet was bought by an monk to Greece

Which are the cheapest magnets?

which is the cheapest magnets

Which are better Little magnets or bigger magnets?

bigger magnets. 'cus bigger magnets have more force(also so called as attraction) . thus, smaller magnets have less attraction.

Are magnets metal?

Some magnets are metal. Not all magnets are metal (though I can't offhand think of any magnets that don't at least contain metal), and not all metals are magnets.

What are natural magnets and artificial magnets?

since magnets are all ready magnetised when found in nature called natural magnet artificial magnets that are made by man are called artificial magnets

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