Who invented nylon?


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Wallace Carrothers, an absolutely brilliant organic chemist who worked for DuPont, and battled severe depression all his life. Carrothers wanted to give something to mankind that would be truly useful, but was not convinced any of his work had been any good at all. He ultimately committed suicide. Three weeks after taking his own life, he was awarded the patent for nylon - one of the most useful of all synthetic plastic-type compounds.


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Nylon was invented to show the woman we sexy

By Dupont Chemical Co. and it means new york.London. nylon.

Nylon was invented on February 28, 1935 by Gerard J. Berchet of Wallace Carothers' research group at DuPont.

There was no nylon in the Middle Ages. Nylon was invented in the 20th century; the Middle Ages ended in the 15th.

Nylon was invented by a chemist working for Du Pont in 1935. It is widely believed that the name Nylon was given because of the two countries, New York and London, who were involved in its creation.

Although nylon was not originally invented for use in stockings, it was unveiled in this design in 1939 at the World's Fair in New York to a women's club.

the fresh prince of belair

dr.wallace h. carothers

Nylon was invented at DuPont laboratories by Wallace Hume Carothers. He also invented neoprene. These inventions were made prior to WW 2 and helped greatly in the war effort. Neoprene being a synthetic rubber and nylon a replacement for silk. Japan was the leading producer of silk and for obvious reasons we could not buy it from them during the war. Nylon was invented on February, 28 1935 in Wilmington Delaware.

Nylon was not discovered it was invented. Wallace Carothers first produced it in 1935 at the DuPont Experimental Station.

The "on" at the end is to allude to the ends of the names of such fibers as Cotton and Rayon, and they just picked the "nyl" because they liked the way it sounded. The story about nylon being short for New York and London is...just a story. The full form of nylon is either Nylon-6 or Nylon-6.6, depending on manufacturer. DuPont invented Nylon-6.6 and holds a patent on its manufacture. BASF wanted also to make nylon because it sells very well so they invented Nylon-6.

Nylon is a polyamide. There are two: nylon 6.6, which was invented by DuPont, and nylon 6, which was invented by BASF. DuPont had a patent on nylon 6.6 and wouldn't license it; BASF wanted to play in the polyamides market so they created a similar material using a different process. Of the two, nylon 6.6 has a higher melt point and is a little harder than nylon 6. Nylon 6.6 is a polymer of Hexamethylene diamine and Adipic acid (Hexadioic acid) both these compounds contain 6 carbon atoms each. so it is Nylon 6.6. (Which is true for nylon 6.6. Nylon 6 is polymerized caprolactam, so that's called Nylon 6 because caprolactam also has 6 carbon atoms.)

The synthetic sponge was first developed by the Du Pont company, who also invented nylon, in the 1940s.

Nylon was invented in the 1930's by DuPont as a silk substitute.

Nylon was invented by American inventor Wallace Carothers. It pioneered the use in nylon stocking, parachutes and other products.

Nope. Nylon was invented by duPont de Nemours company in 1938. That was about 70 years after the US Civil War.

A bacteria has evolved to be able to consume nylon, a product invented only in 1935.

Nylon, invented by a chemist at the DuPont Chemical Company in 1935, and first used in women's stockings in 1940.

nylon 6 and nylon 66 are the two most briefly divided types of nylon.

Man made sponges or artificial sponges were developed first by the DuPont company. Sponges were manufactured first in 1940. They also invented nylon.

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no, nylon is not biodegradable!

Is there any difference? nylon 6 and nylon 66 they are both nylon so...

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