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Hosiery was first introduced in the Renaissance period in Northern and Central Europe by barbarians. They didn't gain popularity, however, until the mid 1960s. Modern pantyhose were invented by Allen Gant, Sr. and Glen River Mills in 1959 (source:


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Q: Who invented pantyhose and when did they go on sale?
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When was the pantyhose invented?


Who designed the first pair of classic pantyhose?

The first designer that designed the first brand of pantyhose is Allen Gant Sr. Allen introduced the first pair of women's pantyhose in 1959. His invention was a shocking surprise because it was a man that invented pantyhose.

What do WOMEN enjoy about pantyhose?

Pantyhose makes the legs look smooth and hides imperfections on the legs. Support pantyhose also improves circulation in legs to relieve fatigue and energise the legs. control top pantyhose can help slim the tummy, hips and thigh areas. Getting the right size for pantyhose is important, else the fit will not be comfy. Which is probably why women complained that pantyhose are uncomfy and are the worst things invented for them.

When was panty hose invented?

The pantyhose was invented by Allen Gant In 1959. It is a combination of underpants and stockings that is all in one garment.

Who invented the yard sale or garage sale?

a person

Where can someone buy pantyhose?

All different types of stores sell pantyhose. People can buy pantyhose from stores online. Walgreen's sells pantyhose. CVS sells different types of pantyhose.

How much cotton are in one pair of pantyhose?

The amount of cotton in one pair of pantyhose is dependent on the materials that was used to make that pair of pantyhose and the size of the pantyhose.

What size pantyhose does Leah remini wear?

Regular waste top pantyhose mostly black pantyhose, leah remini pantyhose size you'll know by her weight!

How do you use pantyhose hair rollers?

To use pantyhose hair rollers you simply need to roll your hair into the pantyhose. Then you take the ends of the pantyhose and tie them together securing your roller.

What color pantyhose with a purple dress?

I would go with a sheer off-black

Can you wear pantyhose over or under fishnet pantyhose?

Yes you can, but it is best to wear regular pantyhose UNDER the fishnets to achieve the best look.

How campers use pantyhose?

campers can use pantyhose to keep warm....fishermen can use pantyhose to put fish chum in to attract fish

What does nude pantyhose mean?

Nude pantyhose typically are pantyhose that are light in color and/or very sheer to the look and feel. Nude pantyhose shades are shades that match your skin tone and provide additional feel and finish to your legs.

How do you knit pantyhose?

Today, pantyhose is generally knit on commercial knitting machines.

When does diary of a wimpy kid 5 go on sale?

It will go FOR sale on November 9, 2010, but it will go ON sale probably when 6 comes out.

Is it normal for your girl to wear pantyhose everyday?

yes.i like to see her wearing pantyhose.

When do Justin Bieber tickets go on sale?

they are on sale write now GO! GO!NOW!

Do women enjoy foot massages when they wear pantyhose?

yes, but its also better without the pantyhose

Where can one find more information about pantyhose tights?

Pantyhose tights are made of a thicker material than regular pantyhose. They are commonly worn by children. To find more information on pantyhose tights one can visit a local department store where they are sold and ask an associate.

What type of panties should male wear with sheer pantyhose sheer thongs?

It depends on what you what look you want. With pantyhose, you don't need to wear underwear. If you prefer to wear something, go for something minimal such as briefs or a thong.

Why are pantyhose popular?

I'd say that pantyhose are making a comeback from the 90's. I haven't changed my wearing habits as I love to wear pantyhose as I love how they make my legs look and feel.

What do you do if you get caught wearing pantyhose?

I never got cuaght wearing pantyhose. I also sleep in them to. I never get cuaght doing it. I wear ladies tights or pantyhose and i always get erected. I love that feeling.

How often do Juicy Couture products go on sale?

Juicy Couture products do often go on sale, however all of the Juicy Couture products will not go on sale at the same time only a select few will go on sale at a single point.

In what year did plasticine first go on sale?

Invented in 1897, patented and made available in 1900.

What is your favorite brand of pantyhose?