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Simon Lake is attributed with the invention of the Periscope in 1902. However, Sir Howard Grub is known for perfecting this design.

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When was the periscope invented?

The periscope was invented in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg.

Who is the inventor of periscope?

The periscope was invented in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg

Where was the periscope invented?

in submerine

When did Johannes Gutenberg invent the periscope?

Gutenberg didn't invent the periscope. He invented the printing press. The periscope was invented by Sir Howard Gruff in Dublin, Ireland in 1865.

Who Invented periscopes?

Johannes Gutenberg invented a type of periscope in the 1430s. However, the type of naval periscope used today was invented by Hippolyte Marié-Davy in 1854.

What black man invented something?

A periscope

How was the periscope invented?

The periscope was invented by John Gutenberg so that the Pilgrims could see over the heads of his fellow peers at a religious festival to watch a concert.

Who invented the periscope?

The periscope was invented in 1450 by Johann Gutenberg. He invented the periscope so that people could see over people's heads in crowds. In World War I the design was perfected and used so that people could see up and around the corners from their hiding places

Why was the periscope invented?

To help see an object behind an obstacle.

Who made the periscope?

Simon Lake invented it, and Sir Howard Grubb perfected it.

What age was sir Howard Grubb when he invented the periscope?

he didn't Johann Gutenberg did in the 1450s

Who made periscope?

in 1999 SIMON LAKE invented it and SIR HOWARD GRABB perfected it

How was periscope invented?

Although the use of a periscope to look over the heads of a crowd was first known around 1430 the first person to patented it was Morgan Robertson, around 1920.

Principle of periscope in light?

it is called periscope because it is periscope

What is the antonym for periscope?

well there really is no antonym that i know of for periscope because a periscope is an object.

Diagrams for a periscope rifle?

a diagram of a periscope

What part of speech is periscope?

Periscope is a noun.

Who discover the periscope?

someone discovered the periscope

Why did Johann Gutenberg call his invention a periscope?

Gutenberg invented printing. About fifteen years before the invention of printing, he marketed a very early periscope. I think the question confuses these two facts. Gutenberg marketed a periscope in the 1430's, so pilgrims could see over the heads of people in the crowd. He actually may have invented it. I see no record of what it was called at the time, but the scientific naming conventions used in modern English would certainly give it the name periscope. There is a link below.

How do use the word 'periscope' in a sentence?

The Captain used the periscope to locate the enemy ships.A periscope is the eye of a submarine.

A captian in a sub looks through a Telescope or a Periscope?

a periscope

What are the principles of periscope?

principles of periscope is simply reflection of light

Would a mirror periscope be better than a prism periscope?


Whats a good sentence for periscope?

You can use the word Periscope a few ways in a sentence. You can write the sentence I am going to periscope the website.

What is the duration of Down Periscope?

The duration of Down Periscope is 1.55 hours.

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