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Corn Popping was originally discovered by Native Americans, but became popular as a snack food during the Great Depression in the United States.


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popcorn was invented for a nice family snack

Popcorn was not invented - it was discovered. It is a natural food.

popcorn was invented donkeys years ago

Some contributions that were made by the Aztecs are popcorn, chocolate, and gum. They also invented terraced irrigation and used antispasmodic medicines.

Popcorn, calendar wheels (which lead to the invention of clocks), chocolate and chewing gum. They also invented astrology.

Wrigly, a gum manufacture, invented orbit gum! ;)

Popcorn, pop rocks, balloons, bubbles i guess bubble gum.. hehe popcorn balloon gum bubble ears

popcorn gum calender medicenes

they invented hot chocolate and invented popcorn and used popcorn for mostly ceremonies.

First popcorn machine was invented in the year of 1885.

The very first commercial popcorn popper was invented by Charles Cretors.

Popcorn was first invented by Your Mom.

Popcorn wasn't invented, it was discovered. The American Indians grew and ate popcorn for centuries before the Europeans arrived in the New World.

Cadbury Adams invented stride gum.

Chewing Gum Was Invented In The State Of Maine

sometime in during the 1885 Charles cretors invented the first popcorn machine

Gum, popcorn, and hard candy.

they created chcolate,popcorn and chewing gum

yes he was in collage when invented gum.

The Aztecs have invented chocolate out of cocoa beans, discovered how to make chewing gum out of tree sap, and they introduced popcorn to the world, though they did not discover it. They were the first to have mandatory education and invented the Aztec calendar.

Chewing gum was invented to freshen the breath and clean the teeth.

Frank Fleer invented the first bubble gummachine

William Wrigley Jr. invented Wrigley's gum.

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