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Who invented the Apple operating systems?


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If the PC is made by Apple then the current Apple operating system is 100% compatible. Other PCs with other operating systems will have varying degrees of compatibility with the current Apple operating system.

Operating Systems Not Created By MicrosoftMac, Apple, and Linux are operating systems that were not created by Microsoft.

Operating systems are systems that make computers work. E.g: windows, IOS, Zio,apple and safarei.

Apple is the company's name. Apple produces computer hardware, accessories and operating systems (such as MacOS and iOS).

No. The Apple USB keyboard can be used with other operating systems including Windows and Linux.

Samples are windows xp, windows vista, windows server 2003, Leopar-apple, panther-apple or ubuntu/linux. There are many more. These are some examples of operating systems. So if they ask you, what your OS-operating system is, you might say: I have windows 7 as Operating system. Android systems

The default operating system for an Apple computer is Mac OS X but a modern Mac can also use the Windows or Linux systems if required.

there are 4 version of operating system in the mac,windows,ms-dos,linux

Apple's Macintosh computers use Apple's operating system known as OSX. The current version is OSX 10.8.#. Macintosh computers can also run the Windows and Linux operating systems, but those systems are not included in the purchase of the computer.

All operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and so on.example of shareware

Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux.

Windows, Solaris, Linux, & Apple OSX...

Nope!! As of now it's an apple operating systems only.

As of 10.7 they have gone to a yearly Major Update.

It would be convenient if a firm provides an operating system that could run on both Apple and PC systems. However, there could be compatibility issues that may interfere with this ability.

The recent operating systems for macs is mac osx version 10.5.4 leapord.

Which operating system will work on Apple Macintosh computers depends on the CPU of the computer. Apple computers with PPC CPUs can run Apple's OS 9 Intel CPU computers can run Apple's OS X, and using Boot Camp, can also run Linux and Microsoft's Windows XP operating systems.

You can only do this on the Mac operating systems. Press Alt (Option) + Shift + K. That gets you the Apple Icon. :) 

iOS is Apple's mobile operating system. There are many different operating systems such as Windows , Sprint, and many other miscellaneous companies.

It depends what you mean by system. If you mean an operating system, (OS) its what a computer uses to run/display things. Microsoft make lots of operating systems such as: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other old versions. Apple also make operating systems for their Macs (Computers) and IPhones. Mobiles and other devices also have operating systems.

The operating system used on Macintosh computers is written primarily by the programers at Apple. However they incorporate innovations from outside Apple such as 'Cover Flow' which were popular with Macintosh users. The original operating systems upon which the latest versions of the Apple operating system are based are 'NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP.' and 'BSD,' which is a derivative of 'UNIX.'

Apple has around 8% market share to microsofts 88% when it comes to operating systems.

The operating systems which were developed by Apple and IBM are Mac OS and OS/2. However, OS/2 is no longer being used as IBM is no longer in the operating system market. Microsoft now makes operating systems which work on IBM computers.

Yes, you can buy operating systems from companies like Microsoft and Apple on CD/DVD or as a dowloadable file or package to be placed on a flashdrive. You can also get one or more systems (legally) for free, like Ubuntu.

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