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Q: Who invented the CD and when?
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When was the CD player invented and who invented it?

The CD was invented in 2001 Thomas clamps invented it.

What was invented first CD for CD player?

a recorder was invented before a CDplayer or CD

Who invented the first CD?

The first cd was invented by sony-phillips.

When CD player was invented?

the 1990s. the compact disk (cd) was invented then to replace records.

What was invented in 1983?

The CD-ROM was invented in 1983.

Why did they invent CD players?

People invented the CD player because at the time, mp3 players did not exist. So, to play music that was recorded onto a CD, they invented the CD player.

Who invented the first semiconductor laser used in CD players?

Robert Hall invented the first semiconducter laser for CD players :)

When did dr Yoshiro Nakamatsu invented the CD?

Yoshiro Nakamatsu was not inventor of CD.

Who invented the CD ROM drive?

James Russel invented it in 1965

Who Invented The Compact Disc Burner Invented?

i burned a CD once

Where did James T Russell invent the CD?

where did james russell invented the cd

What year was the computer CD invented?


Where was the first ever CD invented?


Why did the Phillips invented the compact CD player?

Because CD was already invented and people were facing difficulty in playing this since it could not be fit into a cassette player. So, Philips was forced to invent a CD player in which a CD can be inserted perfectly.bychocolad

Who is the inventor of the CD player?

James T. Russell invented the technology for the CD player in 1965...

Who was the first person to record onto CD?

The scientists in the Philips and Sony labs who invented the CD.

Is the first CD invented by Sony Phillips?

yes the first CD was invent by Sony Phillips

When did James T Russell invent the compact disk?

James T Russell invented the CD in 1965 James T Russell invented the CD in 1965

Who invented the computer compact discs?

The person who invented the computer CD is James Russell.

What music player was invented in the 1980s?

CD player

When was the first CD-Rom invented?


Who invented sony car CD players?


When was recordable CD invented?

19i dont care

Why as the CD player invented?

so you can listen to cd's

What is invented in the 1980's?