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Who invented the Java computer language?

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Java programming language was developed at Sun Microsystems by James Gosling (and originally known by the name "Oak") in early 1990s.

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When was the java computer language invented?

in 1991 games gosling was invented the java but officially released in 1995 by sun micro systems

What inventions were made in 1995?

In 1995, Java computer language and the DVD player and DVD's were invented. Java applications are typically compiled to bytecode that can run on any Java virtual machine regardless of computer architecture.

What is a Java programmer?

A computer programmer who uses the Java language.

What company invented java programming language?

Java was invented by people who was employed in Sun Microsystems

Why java is the name of programming language?

java is the name of programing language because,the invented person is sun java that's why it could be named as java

Is java a language?

Java is a computer programming language. Java is also the name of a Pacific island, and a slang word for coffee.

What does a java developer do?

A Java developer helps create a program which can understand any form of computer language. A Java developer tries to make a program that can understand the computer language that is on any computer platform.

What is the most common computer programming language?

The most common computer programming language is without doubt Java. Java was released in 1995.

Programming language used in computer networking?

java is the language used in computer networking.

Where was the Java programming language invented?

Java was developed at Sun, by James Gosling.

Why java applet is executed faster than java script?

The java applet is in the java language and is run local to your computer, java script is in the language java script, this can be run local to server or computer. Java and java script are to different languages that run two different ways.

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What is java language in computer?

Java is a computer programming language. Java programs can be interpreted (the computer compiles and runs the program as the code is executed) or it can be pre-compiled into bytecode (the computer doesn't have to compile it as soon as it is run, so time is saved.)

Which computer language is named after coffee?


What computer language is used in mobile?


Which computer language is named after cofee?


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Which company owns the computer program language Java?

The Java programming language is owned by the Sun Microsystems, USA

What has the author Patrick Chan written?

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What is the difference between java and internet?

The Internet is a world-wide computer network. Java is a computer programming language.

Which company's invented java programming language?


Which companies invented java programming language?

Sun Microsystems invented Java. Specifically, James Gosling created Java. Sun Microsystems was purchased by Oracle.

What has the author Patrick Naughton written?

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