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Who invented the NFL?

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In September of 1920, professional football teams from four states (Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and New York) met and created a league called the American Professional Football Association. The first APFA game was played on October 3, 1920 between the Dayton Triangles and the Columbus Panhandles with Dayton winning 14-0. Two years later the APFA would be renamed to the National Football League. The first team in the NFL was the Decatur Staley's (named after the owner, Staley, I don't know his first name) in 1920. This team became the Chicago Staley's in 1921, and the Great Chicago Bears in 1922. Go Bears!!

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Where was NFL football invented?

It was invented in 1956 at Colorado.

Who invented the NFL down lines?

the nfl executives and producers

When was the NFL invented?


When was NFL football invented?


Who was the person that invented the NFL?

Drew Madden came up with NFL. And is dead in Baltimore.

When were the Buffalo Bills NFL invented?


What was the first sport invented in Utah?


Who invented NFL Play 60?

Play 60 was invented by the Cooper Institute: FITNESSGRAM.

Who invented NFL football?

Papa Bear Halas

Why was the NFL invented?

The NFL was invented because people wanted a game and a league with rules saying they could hurt people.They also wanted a fair game that rules could be changed.

In which year football was invented?

The NFL was founded in August 20, 1920

When did the world recognize the sport football?

In the 19th century England invented and called the game football 1863 to be precise is when English invented and wrote the rules for Football.....Rugby then evolved from it....and then nfl Gridiron evolved from Rugby

What was Walter camp known for?

He helped invent Gridiron which is taken from Canadian Football, which in turn cam from Rugby league.he invented American football, we know as NFL.

Has the lions get to the Super Bowl?

No the Lions have never played in a Super Bowl. However, they have won several NFL Championships. There were won before the Super Bowl was invented.

Do a lot of NFL coaches play in the NFL?

An NFL coach can't be an NFL player and a Coach.

Who won the championship before the Super Bowl was invented?

Before the modern-day NFL Super Bowl game, it was simply the NFL Championship game. The last team to win it before competition with the AFL teams and the eventual merger was the Green Bay Packers in 1966.

How do you get NFL commercials if you have the NFL network?

If you have the NFL Network, the NFL commercials will automatically show in between your programs. NFL Network is not a free network.

Who owns the NFL?

The NFL team owners own the NFL.

N f l means?

There are a lots of meamings for the NFL acronym the main being associated with the National Football League, here you have a list of other meanings... ****** NFL Not For Long ****** NFL National Forensic League ****** NFL Newfoundland (Canada) ***** NFL No Free Lunch **** NFL New Found Love **** NFL No Friends Left **** NFL Nerve Fiber Layer **** NFL Npower Football League (UK) **** NFL NAS Fallon (Naval Air Station; Nevada) **** NFL Non-Fermi Liquid **** NFL National Food Laboratory (California) *** NFL National Federation of Labor *** NFL National Forensic Laboratory *** NFL No-Fire Line ** NFL Not Freakin' Likely ** NFL New Foreign Launch (military launch detection) ** NFL Norwegian Defence Industry Group ** NFL Nerd for Life ** NFL Noise Floor Level ** NFL Navigation Feature Layer * NFL Neue Fünf Länder (the states of former East Germany) * NFL Near, Far Line (marine engineering; US DoD)

Can women play in the NFL?

There is nothing in the NFL rulebook that states women cannot play in the NFL, or that the NFL is for men only.

Where do the NFL teams get their jerseys?

Reebok makes the NFL Jerseys for NFL Teams.

What NFL coaches did not play in the NFL?

bill belichick hasn't played in the nfl

What channel is NFL Network on Time Warner Cable?

NFL Network-176, NFL RedZone-177, NFL Network HD-462, NFL RedZone HD-463


National Football League

Is NFL a nonprofit?

Is NFL a nonprofit

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