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It's not really known as to who invented Nintendo Wii, as there are several people who claim to be the inventor of this motion-detecting game console. According to Wikipedia, Wii was developed by a group of people (engineers, technicians and designers) who came together to create and design such a gaming console.

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Who inventedthe Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo invented the Nintendo Wii.

Who invented the Wii Nintendo game system?

The Nintendo Wii was invented in Japan.

Who invented the Nintendo Wii u?

Nintendo invented the wii u. No one in particular invented it.

Who inventet the Wii?

Nintendo invented the Wii

Why was Nintendo Wii invented?

The Nintendo Wii was developed for use as an entertainment/gaming console.

Who invented the Wii game console?

who invented the nintendo wii game console ?

Who invented the Wii console?

Nintendo invented the Wii console along with WiiWare

Who was the person that invented the Wii?

Engineers and designers at the Nintendo Company invented the Wii.

Where Nintendo Wii invented?


Who invented nintento Wii?


Who invented the Wii?

Nintendo company invented the it but Shigeru Miyamoto was the main creator of the Wii

Will there be two Wii-based optical disc formats invented for Nintendo Wii?

Yes! There will be two Wii-based optical disc formats invented for "Nintendo Wii U".

Why does the Nintendo Wii invented?

The Nintendo Wii is invented to keep youngsters and adults fit inside in a fun way playing video games.

Who invented the Wii system and where did it come from?

The Wii system was invented and developed by Nintendo, who is based out of Japan.

What African American invented the Wii?

The Nintendo Wii was not invented in America but in Japan by Shigeru Miyamoto

Who invented the Wii nun chuck?

Nintendo made it with the wii when it came out

In what year was the Nintendo Wii invented?


Where was the Nintendo Wii invented?

japan japan

When was Wii invented by who and where?

Nintendo company in Japan.

Who is pieper paper?

He invented the Nintendo Wii

Who invented Nintendo wii?

That would be Nintendo back on November 19th, 2006.

What was invented in 2006?

The Nintendo wii console and the iPhone

When was the Nintendo Wii console invented?

The Wii is believed to first been thought of in 2001.

Who invented a Nintendo wii?

Nintendo, probably with help from Shigeru Miyamoto (he inventned Mario and other Nintendo chars.)

Who invented Wii?

There are many inventors. Its mostly Nintendo co.