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Who invented the PS1?

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Ken KutaragiIt is difficult to pin down an inventor of the PlayStation, as it's development was a collaboration of many people working for Sony, first as a planned peripheral for Nintendo and later as a fully fledge home gaming console. There is one man, however, who oversaw the development of the PlayStation from start to finish and is often considered the "father of the PlayStation". His name is Ken Kutaragi.
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Who is ken kutarage PS1?

He invented PS1 since 90's

When ps1 was invented?

In 1993

When was the ps1 invented?

December 1994 (Date of Release)

When was the first PS1 invented?

2008 hahahaha jk. 1994

How was the PS3 started?

The PS3 was a sequel game console, since the PS1 and PS2 were already invented.

When did the PS1 get realsed?

The PS1 was released in 1994.

Do you have to buy a PS1 to play PS1 games?

No both the PS2 and PS3 will play PS1 games

Do you need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games on a ps2 slim?

Yes, you need the original PS1 memorycard to save PS1 saves.

When were videogames invented?

The first video game to come out was 'Pong!' for the PS1. November 29, 1972. That's when it came out.

Do they still make PS1?

No the PS1 is no longer in production

How does the PS2 play PS1 Games?

With a emulator for the PS1

WILL a chipped ps1 disk work on a ps1?

try it out

Can you play san andreas in ps1?

no the game is not for a PS1

Can ps1 games save on ps1?

umm, obviously

Difference between psx and PS1?

PS1:The PS1 Is A 5th Generation Game Console Witch Can Connect To A TV. PSX: Is A PS1 But Is An Improved Version Witch You Can Buy A Screen And It Can Be Like A Computer And It Can Play Ps1 Games Because It Is One.

Who many games does the PS1 have?

The PS1 has 7,918 games bud

How do you get in and out of the car in driver 2 for PS1?

Hit the triangle ( for the ps1).

How do you play ps1 games on mac?

With a emulator program for the PS1

Can you play GTAin PS1?

There are three GTA games on the PS1.

Do ps2 games work on ps1?

NO ps2 games don't work in Ps1 only Ps1 games works on Ps2

Can you play PS1 and play PS2 games?

Yes if you have a Ps2 which can play both or, if you have a Ps1 you can only play the Ps1 game

Why does ps2 console not save ps1 games?

just insert a ps1 memory card in slot 1, then it will save your ps1 game.

Can you save ps1 games on a ps2?

Only With A PS1 Memory Card.

How can you play ps1 games with computer?

On a computer with a PS1 emulator yes

What is PS1?

Ps1 is playstation 1 the very first playstation system

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