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Who invented the areoplane?

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the wright brothers

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Who invented areoplane?

somya sharma discovered areoplane . she is a ias

Who made the areoplane?

The aeroplane was invented by the Light brothers, the 4th and 5th brothers

Did Romans invent a areoplane?

no the roman's didn't invent the aeroplane because it was not invented during the roman period

How do you get to Beijing from New Zealand?

on a areoplane

Who invevnted the 747 areoplane?


What are the uses for kerosene?

we used kerosene in areoplane

Who designed the first areoplane?

wright brothers

How do you get to Normandy from the UK?

by ferry, areoplane, train.

What is an areoplane which carries bomb called?


How much does an areoplane weigh?

156 tonnes

How can you fly an aeroplane in vice city?


What happens to human waste on a areoplane?

It goes into a holding tank and gets pumped out when the plane has landed it goes to the local sewage. Plus, you spelled aeroplane= areoplane

What areoplane was jointly made by the UK and France?


What has wheels and flies but is not a areoplane?

a car with abluebottle on the dashboard

What is the cheat to get an areoplane on gta san Andreas?


What if we didn't have helicopters?

You might get space and the areoplane can get more parking

When did the first areoplane take flight?

the first airplane was in 1901

Who was the first woman to Atlantic cross?

Amelia Airhart, in a areoplane!

How do you get to Boston massachucettes from Algeria?

The best way would be by areoplane.

Which mono word means an areoplane with one main wing?


Why cheese is yummy?

I have no idea- it just is. i like areoplane jelly better.

What is the cho2?

Ch02 is a type of areoplane orignally from the northen border of England!

What is an areoplane?

An aeroplane is a heavier than air machine with wings and an engine to propel it.

How do you say areoplane in french?

un avion, un aéroplane

How can you build a toy flying areoplane?

online there are kits or free plans that can be used