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not sure who actually invented the bitless bridle. they were known to have been used during the reign of Darius in Ancient Persia around 500 B.C. According to the U.S. Patent Office, the first true "cross-under jaw" was invented by Rev. Edward Allan Buck, in 1988.

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Q: Who invented the bitless bridle?
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When was the bridle invented?

The actul Bridle IN ANCIENT ROMAN TIMES and the bitless Bridle 1988 by Edward Allen Beck. Did that help you?

A bridle with no bit is called a what?

A western bridle with no bit is called a hackamore.There is also a bitless bridle with a more English design called The Bitless Bridle

What is a bitless bridle called?


What are the benefits of a bitless bridle?

A bitless bridle is a term that describes a wide variety of headgear for horses that controls the horses without placing a bit in the horse's mouth. A bitless bridle allows the rider to steer the horse more smoothly and reduces pain for the horse.

What kind of bridle should you use to break your horse?

I broke mine in a rope halter. I say anything bitless, halter, hackamore (not the machanical kind) or the Bitless bridle.

A bridel with no bit is called what?

A bitless bridle is a hackamore

In western riding what was the side pull?

It is a bitless bridle.

Who invented the bridle and what date?

There is definitely no way to find out the EXACT date of the invention of the bridle. But the earliest bridles were probably made by the Ancient Romans. Bridles existed and were common even as early as Bible times. However the bitless Bridle was invented by Edward Allen Beck in 1988.

In Western riding what is a side pull?

For howrse it is a bitless bridle

Can you train a horse to use a bitless bridle when they originaly trained to use a bit?

You can, but it will take a lot of retraining for the horse to learn the pressure cues given by the bitless bridle and many horses have trouble collecting and extending without the aid of a bit.

What is a hackamore?

A bitless bridle, used for training young horses, often western ones but there are English variations.

What is a bola for horses?

A bola is a sort of bitless bridle. sort of like a hackamore, but different.... south american.

Can you have a bridle without a bit?

Yes, you can have a bridle without a bit. "Bitless bridles" are actually sold today. Try searching them on Google or Youtube. Good luck and God bless.

What is a side pull?

For Howrse: a bitless bridle. Here's the site I found it from =)

What is a side pull in western riding?

A Bitless Bridle, (also known an a hackamore, or sometimes bosal for some people)

Which Roman invented the bridle?

Although credit is given to the Romans for the invention of the bridle, there is no single person who is listed as having invented it. The bridle seems to have evolved from Bellerophon in both Greek and Roman mythology.

When was the horse bridle invented?

The bridle was invented sometime in Ancient Rome. No one really knows what year or who invented it. It remains a mystery. Hope I helped!

Who invented the horse bridle?

The Romans

What is the most comfortable bit for a horse besides a bitless bridle?

I personally think the snaffle is nice because the horse can play with it with it's tongue, but the snaffle might pinch the horse's mouth.

Where do you put a hackamore?

A hackamore is a bitless bridle that is good for young horses or horses with sensitive mouths. Rather than a bit, it loops around the muzzle and act with pressure on the poll and the face, rather than the usually magnified pressure of a bit. A hackmore goes on a horse the same as a bridle.

What do you do if your horse wont take a bit?

Sometimes coating it in something good tasting will help. But you might want to look further. maybe the bit hurts the horse. do you pull excessively on the reins? when was the last time your horse had its teeth checked? Is the bit a harsh bit? Or just a snaffle? I ride my horses bit-less in a bosal or even their halters, and they like that more than a bridle with a bit. If you compete in English so you need a normal bridle, check out the bitless bridle. Its a bitless English looking bridle. You could also stick your finger in the SIDE of his mouth where the bit would lie (there shouldn't be teeth their. if there is, then that's probably your problem) and that should get the horse to open its mouth.

What is the difference between a bridle with no bit and a bridle with a bit?

A bit is the part of the bridle that gets put in the horse's mouth. It is usually metal. It's used for control. The reigns are connected to it. A bridle without a bit is built differently to put pressure on different pars of the horse's head to give the rider control with the reigns. Though many riders use bitless bridles for many many reasons, I like them because when my horse and I go on trail rides, we can stop and take a break and I can let my horse eat grass without the hassle of changing from bridle to halter.

When was the first bridle invented?

Hundreds of years ago by the Romans. I'm not sure exactly what time it was invented.

What are the parts of a tack?

It depends on what type of riding you do. The most basic ones are the saddle, saddle pad, and half pad. The bridle varies between what you and your horse prefers, but the only two that I know of are the bitted and bitless. :) Hope that helped!

What bit should you use for your horse he is 6 and stong and cant get him to lower his head when you do he lowers it all the way and you cant get him on an out line?

Try a bitless bridle. Many horses hate bits, because bits often hurt the horse. It's really hard to use a bit and NOT hurt the horse with it. Most bridles and bits use pain or the threat of pain to make a horse do something. So, I advise getting a bitless bridle and training him instead of going up a bigger, stronger (and therefore more painful) bit.

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