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Gerrit Smith, Amelia Bloomer was merely joining the reaction against the voluminous hoopskirts that fashion decreed for every lady.

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the bloomers where invented in 1851! :)

During the Gilded age.

The bloomers were not actually invented by Amelia J. Bloomer. Bloomer caused their popularity by writing about them in her newspaper, the Lily, and wearing them in public, along with the famous Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

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because hoopskirts were blamed for lameness Look it up and you'll find a lady named Mrs Bloomer was responsible for this atrocity.

cheerleaders wear bloomers to cover up their private parts when the jump and flip!!

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bloomers are womens underwear used in the late 1800s and the early there is a name brand of "bloomers" or known as spanks that women wear under formal gowns to make the gut stay in it makes them appear slimmer

Bloomers were long underwear that feminists wore because they allowed more freedom than a skirt with a corset.

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Bloomers are a divided garment women wore on the lower body. In the early 1900's, they had "athletic" bloomers, skirt-less baggy knee-length trousers, fastened to the leg a little below the knees and worn for athletic activities such as basketball.

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