Who invented the cheerleading uniforms?


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Tiffany Cyrus invented the first cheerleading uniform look in 1923.

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you have cheerleading uniforms, because it is expected that everyone looks the same.

There were no cheerleaders in 1898. cheerleading was not invented until the early1900s

For team uniforms and other gear, I recommend the websites for Varsity, GTM Sportswear, and 'Cheerleading'.

They wear cheerleading uniforms.

Cheerleading uniforms have changed dramatically over the years. The biggest way they have changed is the size and fit. Uniforms used to be somewhat modest and bigger on the cheerleaders.

there is no set initial on the cheerleading uniforms as it all depends on the team you are in. each different team have their own initials that are put onto the uniform

Cheerleading was invented to lead the crowd in encouraging cheers.

um, there's different companies that make cheerleading uniforms, for example, my school used for our uniforms. but, you don't just get the uniform, well i mean you can, but most places get like warm-ups & stuff like this to go w/ the uniforms.

Cheerleading was invented in 1898 by Johnny Campbell.

a lot of things have changed such as the material, and the skirts are shorter, and the tops a lot of the time are higher up on the stomache

johnny Campbell invented the first jump in cheerleading

All-Star Cheerleading was invented in 1957

You can order cheerleading uniforms on many different websites. The best and most trusted websites are OmniUniform and GtmSportswear. Other websites you can order it on is Varsity and TeamCheer.

It depends on where you go and where you want to find what you want.

Cheerleading was invented at the University of Minnesota.

It was 1898!!! There is more info on cheerleading such as who invented at

The person who invented cheerleading, believe it or not, was a boy. His name was Johnny Campbell. Cheer was invented in 1898

Yes they could get expensive but theres always fundraising

Pom poms, uniforms, megaphones, special cheer shoes, and safety mats are all used in cheerleading.

Johnny Campbell is the man who invented cheerleading. He invented this sport in 1905. The first college with a cheerleading squad was the University of Minnesota.

cheerleading was invented to cheer on the team and pump up the cowd.

Go to and search cheerleading, there is a picture of him on that page.

Most cheerleaders wear sports bras and lollies or spanks under their uniforms

Most likely. Some parents might require their kids to do extra chores i return for buying the shoes and uniforms

Cheerleading is about unity. Once you step out in front of that crowd you are no longer an individual but a team. Uniforms (for cheerleading go top to bottom) show a sense of professionalism.

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