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Who invented the clipper ship?

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Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship:)

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Who invented a clipper ship?

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship.

Where was the clipper ship invented?

The first clipper ships were English.

When was the clipper ship invented?

The Baltimore Clipper was made around the 1750s.

When was the Clipper invented?

Clipper ships were first built in about the 1850s.

What did the clipper ship Guiding Star look like?

The clipper 'Guiding Star' was a ship of 900 tons, she was three masted and ship-rigged (square sails on all three masts).

Captain of a sailing ship hinky pinky?

ship skip, clipper skipper

Why was the clipper ship important?

It imported tea into the uk.

What was the name of the ship that Marco polo used?

All I know is that he used a clipper ship

What place did the clipper ship sail?

They sailed to Africa for rum

What does a clipper ship look like?

A clipper is a fast-sailing ship used in the early maritime days. It had three masts, was square-rigged, and the hull was designed to slice through the water.

How many miles could clipper ships travel per day?

how far can a clipper ship travel in one day

What is the difference between clipper ship and a steam boat?

A clipper ship is a sail boat that is very fast and is moved by winds. Steam boats are mechanical boats that run a motor with steam power.

What kind of ship used to carry tea?

A 19th Century sailing ship known as 'Clipper' ships

What are clipper Ships?

Is a large ship that moves very fast in the wind

What is a hink pink for a boat captain?

ship skip, clipper skipper

What has the author Fred Joseph Peters written?

Fred Joseph Peters has written: 'Clipper ship prints' -- subject(s): American Lithography, Clipper-ships, Currier & Ives, Clipper ships

Why did the Cutty Sark go out of service?

The Cutty Sark is a clipper ship. Built in 1869, she served as a merchant vessel (the last clipper to be built for that purpose), and then as a training ship until being put on public display in 1954. She is preserved in dry dock in Greenwich, London.She was retired due to age and the cost of maintaining a large clipper ship as an operating sailing vessel.

What was the fastest clipper ship in 1854?

Lauchlan McKay built the fastest clipper ship of its day. His most famous was the Lightning. It set a sea record by sailing from Boston to Liverpool, England in just under 14 days. A record.

A boat with tall masts and huge canvas sails is called?

A Tall Ship. A Caravel. A Bark. A Brigantine. A Clipper Ship. A Brig.

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