Who invented the clock and when?

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Professor Farnsworth invented the death clock

who invented the wind up clock

the sterling silver clock was invented after the sundial

1656Christiaan Huygens invented the pendulum clock and was the most accurate clock into the 1930s.

the clock that was invented with no moving parts is a sundial

the grandfather clock was invented in the 1600 s by christiaan huygens

The primitive clock was invented by Henry de Wick in 1368.

no body is sure in which year the sun clock was invented but we think it was invented by the greeks or roman or egyptians

The clock was invented to tell time.

The first electric clock was invented by Alexander Bain in 1840.

Warren Marrison, who invented the first quartz clock in 1927.

Ctesibius (Ancient Egypt) invented the water clock in 400 B.C.

The first radio alarm clock was invented by James F. Reynolds.

It was invented in Ancient China.

Potato clock was invented because the potato is found to be a good source of energy for the mechanical device specially- clock.

Huygens invented the pendulum clock, and don't confuse Huygens with Einstein, because Einstein did not invent the pendulum clock.

Liaug Ling-can invented the first mechanical clock in the year 724

The first digital alarm clock was first invented in 1956.

Peter Heinlein from Germany in 1510 invented the first wall clock in the world.

it was invented to tell time

It was invented my Danny Biasone.

put in who invented the potato clock and you will find m,any intersting facts and who invented it!!!!

If the clock was not invented,there would not be a Daylight saving time for Arizona and Hawaii.

the person who invented the clock was Carl August Steinheil

The person that invented the wall clock was Benjamin Banneker.

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