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It was the old army sergeant that was supposed to paint the new hospital ward red. He needed 20 gallons, but the general only gave him 10. He found 10 gallons of white left over from painting his own house white, so he mixed it all together. What happened? Magic! P-I-N-K.

Crayola Crayon

Carnation Pink Colors Available 1949 - 1957 Crayola Crayon

Color is just different wavelengths of light, so if you believe in creation, either god or aliens.

Actually, it is impossible to "invent" a color. It already exists, therefore someone cannot remake it. I don't know who discovered pink.

-Actually, while that last statement is true in the sense that colors exist everywhere in nature without an inventor, colors are in fact invented. The first two invented colors came about the same time, starting with Chinese Purple and Egyptian blue. The Chinese Purple, for instance, was created by the emperor's alchemists (or chemists). The chemical makeup of Chinese Purple (mostly copper silicate) is actually very similar to the chemical makeup of Chinese Glass, a glass made 2000 years ago to resemble jade, which the Chinese believed to help them become immortal.

I'm not sure where the color pink was first "invented" (made in a lab).

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Q: Who invented the color pink?
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it was invented on june 29 2001:)

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In 1947, a fashion designer by the name of Elsa Schiaparelli introduced the color hot pink to western fashion. She called the shade Shocking Pink, though today the color is more well-known as "magenta." I Hope This Helped You.

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