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The Chinese. The earliest recorded actual use of a magnetized needle for navigational purposes is to be found in Zhu Yu's book Pingzhou Table Talks (�洲��; Pingzhou Ketan) of 1119 (written from 1111 to 1117): The navigator knows the geography, he watches the stars at night, watches the sun at day; when it is dark and cloudy, he watches the compass. Thus, the use of a magnetic compass as a direction finder occurred sometime before 1044, but evidence for the use of the compass as a navigational device did not appear until 1119.

The mathematical compass was invented by Galileo

But who invented it

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Q: Who invented the compass?
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Which person invented the compass?

Galileo invented the military compass, and the Chinese invented the navigational compass.

Why was a compass invented?

The compass was invented to show you the axis

Who was the name of the person who invented the compass?

Si Nan invented the compass.

What is the name of the person who invented the magnetic compass?

d0uchbag invented the compass

Who invented the solar compass?

William Austin Burt invented the Solar Compass

Which dynasty invented the magnetic compass?

the Tang/Song dynasties invented the compass.

Where was the first compass invented in China?

the first compass was invented in Qiqihar,China

Where did the compass get its name from?

Mr. Compass invented it.

Where was the compass invented?

It was invented it China

When was compass invented?

The first compass was invented around the year 1044. Modern liquid magnetic compasses stem from the mariners compass that was invented in Europe around 1190.

Who invented the first compass?

First CompassThe Chinese invented the magnetic compass. Use the link below for more information.thats right

Who invent the compass?

the Chinese invented the magnetic compass

What year was the compass invented in?

The compass was made in 1300.

Who invented mariner's compass?

The mariners compass was invented by using LORIS , a wild animal for navigation

What was the name of the man who invented the first compass?

The man who invented the compass was Sinan. He was born in China.

In what year was the magnetic compass invented?

the magnetic compass was invented between 221-206 B.C . i hope my answer was useful and enjoy learning about the compass

Where and when was the compass invented?

it was invented in italy i think

Was the compass invented because of christopher Columbus's discovery and exploration of America?

NO! Compass was invented by Chinese in B.C's.

Did Leonardo da Vinci make the compass?

Yes, he invented the Parabolic compass (a mathematical compass)!

When was the Chinese compass invented?

The Chinese compass was invented diring the Qin dynasty between 221- 206 B.C.

In what dynasty was the compass invented?

The compass was first invented in the Han dynasty, but further improvements were made in the Song dynasty.

Where was the solar compass invented?

The solar compass was invented by William Austin Burt in his home state of USA, Michigan.

What would happen if the compass was never invented?

If compass was not invented we would get lost and cant find ourselves. That's way in TV you see people using compass in the desert.

Why were compass invented?

compass were made to locate a correct direction at any place

What year was the magnetic compass made?

The dry compass was invented around 1300.