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Who invented the cymbals?

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Sir Henry

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What is the date cymbals were invented?

i do not know

Who invented the cymbal on the drums?

Cymbals were originally invented in China.

When were cymbals invented?

Thousands of years ago.

Who invented cymbals?

No one knows because they go back such a long time ago.

What do you call a set of cymbals?

You can call a set of cymbals two cymbals

When wore cymbals invented?

Cymabals "wore" inveneted in 2008. They are very mordern. People thought they "wore" invented a long time ago but they "wore" not.

What are cymbals?

Cymbals are when you clap them together they make a big crash sound.and cymbals are insterments

What are the best symbols for a drum set?

Zildjian cymbals and Sabian cymbals are considered two of the best cymbals.

What is cymbals in Filipino?

Filipino translation of cymbals: pompyang

What cymbals does zac farro use?

Meinl cymbals.

What section of the orchestra does the cymbals belong to?

Cymbals are part of the percussion section.

What role do the cymbals play melody harmony foundation or rhythm?

Cymbals provide rhythm, as cymbals are non-pitched.

How do you clean drum cymbals?

Use Brasso to clean cymbals.

What are two facing brass cymbals called?

clash cymbals

Which kind of musical notes do China cymbals produce?

China cymbals are popular in the rock genre and its many sub-genres. The cymbals have garnered the nickname "trash cymbals." This is not due to the cymbals being worthless, but because they create such dark and explosive notes. They are called "China" cymbals because their sound can be similar to that of a Chinese gong.

Meinl cymbals are what kind of instrument?

Meinl cymbals are cymbals. Roland Meinl Percussion is a company that makes various types of cymbals for drum kits. Meinl was founded in 1951 by Roland Meinl.

What kind of metal is a cymbals made of?

Cymbals can be made of brass or bronze.

What cymbals you would need to play Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold on the drums what would sound the best?

The best cymbals for playing Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold would be Sabian cymbals, as those are the cymbals that The Rev. used.

What are cymbals made from?

Cymbals are usally made of brass to make a louder sound.

Are shalimar cymbals a good brand of cymbals?

it depends, do you live at camp granada?

When was Istanbul Agop Cymbals created?

Istanbul Agop Cymbals was created in 1980.

When was Cymbals Eat Guitars created?

Cymbals Eat Guitars was created in 2005.

What cymbals did john Bonham use?

John Bonham used Paiste Cymbals.

What cymbals does the drummer from The Gazette use?

Yune, drummer for The Gazette uses Anatolian cymbals.

Which isn't a brass instrument trombone trumpet tuba and cymbals?

Cymbals are a percussion instrument.