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Who invented the drive through?

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When where drive in movies invented?

The Drive-In Movie Theater was invented June 6, 1933

What computer was the flash drive invented for?

The USB Flash drive was not invented for a particular computer.

When did the thumb drive invented?

It is invented in 1905. hahaha

Why was a hard drive invented?

it was invented to store data

When was floppy disk drive invented?

it was invented in 1986

Who invented the drive shaft and when?

A drive shaft allows torque to enter a motor. Louis Renault of France was the inventor of the drive shaft. He invented the drive shaft in 1898.

Who invented the DVD drive?

It is invented by HP. The first DVD drive is developed in HP labs in 1993

Who invented the first drive-through restaurant window and why?

The first drive-thru restaurant with the use of speakers to order food, was invented by Esther Snyder and her husband Harry, in 1948. The name of the restaurant was In-N-Out. As to why this was done I would assume convience.

When was the USB Flash Drive invented?

it was invented in the year 1996.

What allan shugart invented?


Where was the first drive-through window invented?

i need to know where the first drive up window restaurant was and the first to have flouresent lighting and who the first was to introduce the onion rings to the world.

Who invented the CD ROM drive?

James Russel invented it in 1965

Who invented the Jump Drive?


When was zip drive invented?


Who invented the dribble drive?


Who invented the flash drive?

The USB Flash Drive was introduced in 1996 and invented by Dov Moran while he was working for M-Systems.

Who invented volcanoes?

GeoGraphix Test Drive

Where was the first drive in bank invented?


Who invented the hard disk drive?


Who invented the drive rivet?

Carl Cherry

Can you drive horses through Canada to Alaska?

no a horse can not drive through Canada and Alaska

When was first usb flash drive?

Trek Invented the first USB flash drive.

Why invented the hardware?

hard drive is invented to store a maximum data in our computer today v can store at least mare than 750gb data in our computer thats why hard drive r invented

If you drive from seattle to fairbanks which Canadian provinces will you pass through?

You will drive through British Columbia.

What do you think should be invented?

Cars that drive by themselves.