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Who invented the fire drill?


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It's been around since fire.


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The drill press was invented in the 1920s

The plural of fire drill is fire drills. As in "fire drills are a good practice".

For a fire drill, you need people, an evacuation route, and an alarm.

Jethro Tull is known for having invented the seed drill. The drill positions seeds on the soil and helps to cover them.

Whenever there is a fire or a fire drill

The screw drill was invented in 1861.

The invention of the drill predates written history.

Because it was a faster way to drill holes.

during the fire drill, we rushed into the courtyard.

If there is a fire, people need to be able to get out of the building quickly. A fire drill takes people through the process of leaving the building. Because they drill the process, they do not have to figure out how to get out in the midst of a real fire and they are less likely to panic.

The aim of conducting a fire drill is to practice evacuating the building. If you practice, then, if a real fire occurs, everyone will know what to do and how to do it.

Do not play around when you are going through a fire drill....this is serious!...dont talk! attention to directions!...

Military Fire Drill - 1903 was released on: USA: 1903

it was invented because they needed it

The most common way to make fire in primitive cultures was the hand drill. The bow drill was also common.

School Fire Drill - 1900 was released on: USA: October 1900

The first seed drill was invented by Camillo Torello and patented by the Venetian Senate in 1566. It was later modernised by Jethro Tull.

The bow-drill was invented in the upper Paleolithic period, which broadly dates to between 49,257 & 14,117 years ago.

Wilhelm Fein invented the portable electric drill in 1895.

Fire Department Rescue Drill - 1899 was released on: USA: April 1899

Berlin Fire Department at Drill - 1903 was released on: USA: May 1903

Quebec Fire Department Drill - 1898 I was released on: USA: March 1898

Fire safety is exceptionally important in a laboratory, as they tend to have significant numbers of highly flammable chemicals, which could lead to the fire being very severe very quickly. If fire drill procedures are not obeyed, it leads to a high risk to safety for all persons in the laboratory. The rules pertaining to a fire drill in a lab vary from laboratory to laboratory, so you would need to check the fire safety procedures for the lab where you are working.

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