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a very clever person, exept waterproof mascara is better

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Who invented the mascara wand?

The first mascara product was invented by Eugene Rimmel (which is where Rimmel brand originated from)

Who invented mascara?

Eugene Rimmel invented the first mascara in the late 19th century. A more modern mascara was invented by T.L. Williams in 1913, and it was a cake like substance. The mascara that we see today was invented by Helena Rubenstein.

What was the first ever mascara made?

The first mascara ever made was coal dust and vaseline mixed together. That was invented by Mr. maybelline's daughters and he thought everybody else would like it to.

Why was mascara invented?

To lengthen and darken lashes.

Why was waterproof mascara invented?

so you can go swimming and not mess up your make up b/c you know how if you cry your mascara messes up, water proof mascara helps your problem.

How do you put on mascara in stardoll?

Well, you need to be superstar to buy mascara first. If you are, click on your avatar (picture on the left) and it will bring you to your medoll editor. You go into make-up and click the mascara. Drag it to you, move it around your eyes then you have mascara on! X

What mascara is the best?

Ever since I turn 15, I became inseparable with mascara. I believe that I have tried almost all popular mascaras on the market today ranging from drugstores to department stores.Best Drug Store Mascara For Lenghth:Rimmel Lycra Lash ExtenderBest Drug Store Mascara For Volume: Maybelline Colossal MascaraBest Drug Store Mascara Overall:Covergirl Lash BlastBest Department Store Mascara for Length:Imju Fiberwig MascaraBest Department Store Mascara for Volume: Diorshow MascaraBest Department Store Mascara Overall: Lancome Defincils MascaraIf you are willing to spend the money, Lancome Definicils Mascara has been the best mascara I have tried, it lengthens, thickens and defines by the first coat. Amazing!

What is clear mascara?

Mascara that is called clear mascara

What is mascara in English?

Mascara is still mascara in English.

Is mascara made out of batpoop?

At first yes but in these modern times, we use only chemicals.... go see on ur mascara bottle!

What did helana Rubenstein invent?

She invented mascara with a wand type applicator as we know it today. Prior to that, mascara made in a hard cake form which was applied by using a small, wet, toothbrush type brush. Decades after the mascara wand was invented, a tiny toothpaste type tube of mascara was introduced which was squeezed onto the small toothbrush type brush. But it did not do well because women were always left with a dirty brush and often lost the cap to close the tube. Hence today we still use the tube type that Helena Rubenstein invented.

Do you put mascara first or curl first?

you can do it either way. i prefer to curl it before i apply mascara because i find it spreads out my lashes a bit more, but it's up to you

Where did mascara originate from?

If I'm not mistaken, the founder of the cosmetics company, Maybelline, discovered the modern day's first mascara. He created it using charcoal and vaseline.

How do you make colored mascara show up even better?

First apply a thick coat of black mascara. Then use the colored. It will help it pop.

Is mascara waterproof?

Not all mascara is water proof. But you can get water proof mascara just as easily as you can get non water proof mascara.

Is hair mascara the same as regular mascara?

no Hair mascara is like hair color

What is Egyptian mascara?

mascara of the egyptian kind

Is mascara a liquid?

Mascara is a powder, not a liquid.

What mascara is least likely to run?

A mascara that is waterproof such as Avon Wash Off Waterproof Mascara.

What is it called to apply mascara?

The proper term is exactly what you said: "to apply mascara." As you are putting it on you are "applying mascara," and when you have it on you must have "applied mascara" earlier that day.

My eyelids droop and whenever I put mascara on my eyelid lays on my eyelashes and mascara gets on my eyelid.One of my eyes has a crease the other one has no crease. Is it possible to put mascara on?

Apply mascara first, immediately close your eyes and wait for...oh, 30 seconds should do it. Then apply a little makeup remover to a cotton swab and remove any mascara from your eyelids, then do the rest of your eyes.

How long does greatlash mascara last?

Mascara is good for six months after you open it for the first time! After that you should buy a new tube if its not all used up before then.

Can you just dip a tube of waterproof mascara into water to see if its really waterproof?

no, this is extremely silly, and just wastes your mascara. If it says its waterproof mascara, then it is. Try it out, a good mascara is colossal by maybelline, i recommend this mascara

Did men first discover and use mascara first?

yes they did in Egypt the men always wrote on there self with.

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