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Who invented the first car ever?


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The invention of the very first practical automobile is credited to Karl Benz. He produced the 3 wheel Motorwagen in 1885. This was well before Henry Ford's invention of the Ford Model T in 1908.

It is important to note that regarding most inventions, various men in many countries or locations worked separately on the same or very similar problems and solutions. Many men devised various styles of "inventions" for the same problem. Usually, these men either shared ideas or were inspired by someone else's ideas. Often, the first person to register his idea with drawings through the US Patent Office gets credited, but that leaves out all the other men who also had other ideas and inventions. Also, many people attribute an invention to the most well-known man, which selectively ignores the wide-ranging history in the development of an invention. So this is why many people post different answers to "who invented the first" of anything! The supposed right answer often ends up being who got the first Patent--- but it doesn't mean that person was the first person to invent a product based on each man's ideas about a solution to a problem.