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Who invented the first teloscope?

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Who was the first astronamer to use a teloscope?

Galeleao was because he invented it.

When was the first teloscope made?

when was the first teloscope made?

Did Galileo make the teloscope?

yes, the first telescope was made by him

Before the telescope was invented what were ancient astronomers able to learn about the planets?

before the teloscope was invented what were ancient astronomers able to learn about the planets ?

Who made the the first famous observation with a teloscope?

Carl Friedrich Gauss

Who was the first person to make and use a teloscope?

galilao and hans lippershey

What teloscope did Isaac Newton invent?

Isaac Newton invented the Reflection Telescope. The advantage thistelescope has is no refraction distortion.

Who created a power teloscope and was the first to observe and record sunspots?

galileo galilei

What are some Inventions that were created between 1500 - 1600?

One invention that was created in the 1600's is the microscope.The Quadrent, Teloscope and Caravel ship were also invented Also The first toilets with a flush on them appeared

Who invent the teloscope?

Charles Babbage

Where is the telescope on panfu?

The teloscope is on the volcano.

Can Haumea be seen at night with a teloscope?


What was Hans Lippershey famous for?

for inventing the teloscope

What invention made it possible to see into space?

in a teloscope

How can you spot the pole star in the sky?

you use a teloscope

What do you do after you see the school cordinatess on poptropica?

you put them into the teloscope

How do you see galaxies from earth?

use a teloscope, or look overhead at the milky way. You are part of the galaxy use a teloscope, or look overhead at the milky way. You are part of the galaxy

Which end do you look through on a teloscope?

Through the smallest circle.

Can you see neptune at night without a teloscope?

No It's To Far Away

Why Galileo Galilei is important?

well, he did invent the teloscope. Which we still use today

How do you fix the teloscope on club penguin?

use the spanner in your spy phone tools

How big is the mirror on the Hubble Teloscope?

The main mirror is 2.4 metres in diameter.

When was the first teloscope invented?

Hans Lippershey a Dutchman who made spectacles is often credited with the invention. He found that if he put two lenses at different ends of a tube and look through them, objects seemed to be nearer and clearer. Galileo Galileo came along later in 1609 with an improved version which he pointed at the heavens.

What was invented First the train or the car?

The first train was invented in 1814,and the first car was invented in 1672. So, the car was first invented.

When was the first vehicle invented invented?

The wright brothers invented the first airoplane