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Who invented the first user friendly automotive Breath Alcohol interlock?



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The Ignition Interlock Industry has many Global players in today's market place. The First Ignition interlock was inventered by a nine year old boy in the early 1970's. The young boy lost his father and three year old brother in a car/train collission due to drunk driving. He presented the first working ignition interlock to the public when he was nearing the age of ten year old. Due to patent and copy right law requirements, the initial invention was not patentable as he had made his creation public before securing intellectual protection of the invention. The inventor was Craig D. La Londe. He President and CEO of a privately held company that manufactures Ignition and alcohol detection devices of his creation and he provides public education on the subject of Ignition Interlock and associated technologies. The initial invention was names the Alco-Key Automotive Ignition Interlock Device. The invention was featured on many television and radio talk shows. The invention also appeared in many publications. The device earned the inventor the nick name of "wall Street's Whiz Kid". The inventor has gone on to invent many other well known products available in the Goloal Market Place. The Inventor's Peek-A-Boo 2000 anti-collision system opened the door to technologies currently available on some cars world wide that create a tone alert and provide a visual digital display measurement to a driver if objects are found in close proximity to the vehicle so equipped with the alert device. Other products include the MyControl Bathing System. This product services person with physical challenges. It is a bath tub that responds to sound commands (voice and noises). It features a door that swings into the tub.