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Who invented the flash on the camera?

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Flashlight Powder * Blitzlichtpulver or flashlight powder was invented in Germany in 1887 by Adolf Miethe and Johannes Gaedicke. Lycopodium powder (the waxy spores from club moss) was used in early flash powder. Flashbulbs * The first modern photoflash bulb or flashbulb was invented by Austrian, Paul Vierkotter. Vierkotter used magnesium-coated wire in an evacuated glass globe. Magnesium-coated wire was soon replaced by aluminum foil in oxygen. On September 23, 1930, the first commercially available photoflash bulb was patented by German, Johannes Ostermeier. These flashbulbs were named the Vacublitz. General Electric produded a flashbulb called the Sashalite.

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How was the flash camera invented?

The first known camera flash was used in 1839 by L. Ibbetson.

When was the flash camera invented?

The first flash camera was invented in 1925 when controlled magnesium burn was being used for a light source but in 1925 controlled magnesium was replaced with a flash.

Who invented the flash disposable camera?

Ira Westley kodak or.. fugifilms

Does the HTC wildfire have a camera flash?

Yes it has a 5mp camera with flash.

Does iPhone camera have flash?

no, it does not have flash

Is there a camera flash on the Nokia 5230?

No, it doesn't. There is no flash for the camera in Nokia 5230.

Does the iPad 3 have a flash?

Flash as in camera? No. Flash as in Flash Player? No

Does the dsi have a camera flash?

As far as I know, the DSI does NOT have a camera flash but it does have 11 fun camera lenses you can play with:-)

Does gfive president have a flash camera?

Yes the gfive president has a flash camera. The camera flash on the gfive is rated in it's reviews as neither too strong nor too weak. The camera has a normal flash setting for indoors.

Does the sidekick 08 have flash for the camera?

no, the sidekick 08 does not have a flash for the camera......i hope that helped......

How can you make you phone's camera flash?

Well if your phone doesn't have a flash light on it, then u can't use a flash, but if it does, in the camera mode, go to options and select camera settings and the flash settings should be there

Does Samsung Champ WiFi e2652w Duos have a camera flash?

No,it doesn't have any camera flash.

How does camera flash stun animals?

Camera flash stuns animals because they are not used to that bright of a light. They are also surprised when you take a picture at them with flash because they don't really know what a camera is.

Does the iPhone have a flash for the camera?


Who invented flash memory?

Flash memory was invented by Toshiba.

Does the nexus one have a flash camera?

Yes, the Nexus One has a rear 5 MP camera with an LED flash.

Who invented the camera and when was it invented?

The first camera was invented by Joseph-Nicephore in 1826.

Why are there no shadows on faces when you take picture using a camera flash?

If the flash is on the camera it fills the face with light. If the flash is separate and to one side it casts shadows.

Who invented the first flash camera?

Also, When you took a picture with the Flash, the Flash wouldn't Work anymore, so my Grandpa made a Camera at his work so that the filment Wouldn't Burn out after you took a picture with Flash on, But didn't get any Credit or Money for it because since he made it at work, His boss got credit for it. Resouces: My Family and what they have told me About Our Family History and My Grandpa Himself

When was camera first invented?

The first camera was invented in 1816, the camera was a very small one..

What external flash is best for a Cannon digital camera?

The 430EX external flash seems like it would be the best candidate for the external flash for the Canon digital camera.

Who invented flash on Adobe?

Nobody, really. Flash was invented by Macromedia, Adobe bought Flash later.

What is a camera flash bracket used for?

When wanting a quality image from a camera, professional photographers often use a flash bracket. The bracket has a flash that is not built directly in the camera and it keeps the images from having the red-eye effect.

When was the underwater camera invented?

i believe the underwater camera was invented in 1893

Who invented the box camera?

William Henry invented the box camera