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No one invented flowers. The evolved.

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Ramon Barba invented practical flower induction treatments?

yup! he invented it!

When was mainframe computerf invented?

It was invented in 1942 by great technologists Thomas Flower.

What year was the flower bulb invented?

Flower bulbs have been around for hundreds of millions of years. They were part of flower evolution.

Who invented the Indian lotas flower?

Are you kidding? I invtented flowers.

Who invented power flower wind trees?

NL Architects of the Netherlands invented Dutch Tree Windmills.

Who Invented The Flower Vase?

The invention of the flower vase is credited to the ancient Greeks. They first used it to depict scenes their everyday lives.

Who was Ramon Barba?

RAMON BARBA is a Filipino scientist who invented the flower induction treatment.tanga

Who invented the dahlia?

Dahlia flowers were not invented. The flower existed for many thousands of years. But many people have hybridized it so there are many thousands of different dahlia.

When was the answering machine?

Michel Medawar of Beriut, Lebanon. He also invented the clock and the flower talking clock.

Who invented the tulip?

No one invented the tulip, it's a naturally occurring flower.

What does a Nectory mean on a flower?

a nectory is where a flower stores its flower babys to be a flower when the flower baby grows up to be a flower because it is a flower. this is an easy way for a flower to become a flower, as the flower has to grow in the flower to become a flower as it has to be, as that is its dream to become a flower so it grows into another flower because it's mummy and daddy are flowers so its a flower. yeah its a penis

The may flower is a flower?

The Mayflower is a flower, and is the state flower of Massachusetts.

Why camia flower is complete flower?

The camia flower has all the parts of a flower so it is a complete flower.

A flower which is not actually a flower?

there is no flower like that

When is a flower really a flower?

When petals come out of the flower bud it becomes a flower

Which flower is known as the shoe flower?

Hibiscus flower is known as Shoe flower.

Is a kalachuchi a complete flower or an incomplete flower?

complete flower

How did Maine's flower become a state flower?

the state flower became a flower because it wAS The first flower to grow there.

What is the difference between perfect flower and complete flower?

A perfect flower is a flower with the male and female parts on different areas of the flower. A complete flower is a flower with all four floral parts.

What flower is the national flower of Kuwait?

The national flower of kuwait is the Al-Arfaj flower.

Is rose a unisexual or bisexual flower?

it is a bisexual flower

Does lirio flower is a complete flower?

the lirio is a "flower".

The petals of the flower are surrounded by which part of the flower?

its a flower

What is the flower in Tahiti?

The Tiare Flower, the flower in the hair.

What is a bloom of a flower?

The bloom of a flower is the flower its self.