Who invented the hat?

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Jehoshaphat. Jehoshaphat was the King the Israel and wanted a thing to wear on his head. He took the last three letters of his name and called it that is what he called his hat that he made.

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Who invented the rain hat?

Maxine Snowden invented the rain hat.

Who invented the tri cornered hat?

Who invented the tri-cornered hat and why 3 corners?

Who invented the slouch hat?

It was invented by Simpson

Who invented the akubra hat or cork hat?

the awnser is the king-turners

When was the top hat invented?


Who invented the slate?

hat are slates

Who invented a hat?

john batterson

When was the soda hat invented?


When was the first hat invented?

the first hat was made in 1605 new york

Who invented the Top Hat?

It is unknown who invented the top hat. It is thought to be descended from the sugarloaf hat. George Dunnage created the first silk top hat in 1793. It was only in 1797 that the top hat made its first appearance, when it was worn by English haberdasher James Heatherington.

Who invented the drinking hat?

David Artis

Who invented the cowboy hat?

John Stetson

When was the coif hat invented?

Tudor times :)

Who invented the boater hat?

A boat Rider.

Where was the fez hat invented?

in Fes, Morocco

Who invented the pirate hat?

mr bombastic

Who invented the solar hat?

ambre ferrari

What year was the first hat invented?

The earliest known hat is from 7500 BC in Çatal Höyük.

Who made the pillbox hat?

Roy Halston, an american fashion designer, invented the pillbox hat

Where was the first hat invented?

France in the 1600's

What did sir Adam Beck invent?

He invented the hat

When was the beanie hat invented?

in 1978 the beanie hat was invented ANSWER: People wore beanie-type hats in biblical times. They became very popular during the middle ages.

Who invented the Cat in the Hat book?

Dr. Suess wrote them.

What the Metis people invented?

hat d the metis ivent or do

Who invented a bomber hat?

how bomber hats got their name