Who invented the lifeproof iPhone cases?

Invented By Two long time failing inventors Askubus Fordzoriski and Sadik Alnasir, some of their eirler work includes Fork Chops, Solar powered flash light, Bacon Flavored tooth floss, Face/Butt Towels and many more inventions the worst of was the snuggie. But in 2009 after getting water damage on his phone from masturbation in the shower Askubus came up with a radical idea to water proof his cell phone, Askubus came to Sadik with his idea, Sadik having just invented the Automatic Automating Automator under took this project, 1 year and 125Million Dollars later sadik Invented a self sharping pencil. Then Askubus was like WTH bro and sadik said come at me bro and then they stold idea for the lifeproof case from Steve Jobs.

There are many kinds of waterproof case for iPhone. Who invente them? gold knows.