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Who invented the m14?

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The US Rifle M14 was not invented, created or developed by any one person, but by a joint effort of several engineers, designers, testers and evaluators. See the link below for more information on the M14.

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Who invented the m14 rifle?

The M14 was created by the US Govt Springrield Armory. Several people were involved in the creation over a period of time, and it cannot be said that any one person invensted it. See the link below for the history of the M14.

Should you get the tsd aeg m14 or the cyma cm032 m14?

the cyma m14. i just bought one and it is amazing.

How heavy is an m14 airsoft gun?

The typical airsoft m14 weighs around 5lbs but the socom m14's are slightly lighter and the m14 ebr's weigh in at close to 15 lbs.

Where can you get a WE M14 EBR airsoft sniper? sells both the EBR conversion kit for the standard WE M14 and the WE M14 EBR. Also sells a custom M14 EBR, but it is not from WE and much more expensive

Is an M14 Airsoft sniper good?

Yes, an M14 Airsoft Sniper is good. My cousin has almost all of the airsoft guns their are and he loves the M14. I would recommend it.

How do you modify an airsoft m14 into a m1 grand?

You can not, there are no conversion kits from an m14 model to an M1

What is the m14 airsoft fps?

Its depends on the brand. Many different companies make a M14.

Is the m14 a shotgun?

No. The M14 rifle fires the 7.62 NATO rifle cartridge. It is not a shotgun.

What is the difference between m14 and m20?

an m14 is the original gun. the m20 is an updated dmr version.

Is airsoft m14 full auto?

yes. I have the cyma m14 and there is a select fire switch for semi and full

Was m14 used in World War 2?

No it was devolped in the 50's or 60's. The M14 was established in 1957.

What is the value of a m14?

A legally transferable M14 will run you about 25K or so. A reweld or M1A converted will be 10-15K

Is the AGM MP008 M14 made of real wood?

The AGM MP008 M14 is not made of wood although it can be possible

How long is the m14?

The M14 rifle has a total length of 46.5 inches (1,181 millimeters) and a barrel length of 22 inches.

Is a M14 a 1000 yard rifle?

No. A M14 is better at 600-700 M ranges. However, when there is a will (and lot of customization) there is a way.

How does an m15 gun operated?

Which M15 (be specific), if you are talking about the M14 variant i.e M14E2/M14A1; it is the same a a regular M14.

How long is an m14 airsoftgun?


Who made the first m14?


Was the m14 used in Vietnam?


What guns shoot 7.62x51?


How many companies prduced the m14?

The M14, an American-made 7.62x51mm battle rifle, was originally manufactured by four companies. Springfield Armory, the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and Harrington & Richardson were initially awarded contracts by the United States to produce the M14 in 1959. Thompson-Ramo-WooldridgeInc. (TRW) was also contracted to build the M14 later on. From 1959 to 1964, when the M14 was withdrawn from standard issue service, 1,376,031 M14s were built by these four companies.

What store has a m14 airsoft gun?

Most stores will carry an M14 replica either walk in or online. I would reccommend (See the Link Below) i deffinetly would go with the first link, a really good m14 on gi is the cm032 or cm032a

Where is the m14 in Call of Duty Black Ops?

it is in multiplayer (unlock) or in the campain mission where you defend khe sanh. when your hav to take down the tanks with the LAW, go to the bunker next to the 1 with the LAW an theres a m14 ACOG and a m14 GRENADE LAUNCHER.

Army issue 7.62mmSLR rifle?


Is a m14 carbine a combination gun?

No such weapon.