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The first nebulizer was developed by a French inventor named Dr. Sales-Girons in 1858. The nebulizer had a pedal that acted in a similar way to a bicycle pump.

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What natural product can i put in my nebulizer?

what medicine will i put in the nebulizer

Which is more effective in treating asthma a breathing treatment using a nebulizer or an inhaler?

Nebulizer defiantly.

How can you take a nebulizer off a asthmatic child?

What do you mean to take it off the child? How to get a child off of a nebulizer seems proper but if their asthma is bad enough to where they need the nebulizer, only constant medication of another kind will allow them to be away from the nebulizer for periods of time.

Is a nebulizer the same as an inhaler?

no, an inhaler is a handheld device, while a nebulizer is larger. They can both deliver the same medications, but a nebulizer delivers them in constant stream while an inhaler only does puffs.

Can sodium bicarbonate solution be used in a nebulizer?

how much bicarbonate of soda should one use in a nebulizer

What is contraindication for nebulizer?


Can Albuterol sulfate nebulizer solution be combined with ipratropium bromide nebulizer solution?

Yes, both albuterol and ipratropium bromide can be combined in a nebulizer for use. I just received a combination therapy a few days ago.

What are the after effects of using a nebulizer?

you shake

What is a HART continuous nebulizer?

HEART is the brand name of the nebulizer. The nebulizer provides continuous treatment for up to 8 hours. Nebulizers are used to dispense medicine via a "mist" that is inhaled from a mask for those who have different types of lung conditions.

What does the medical abbreviation SVN mean?

It has a number of meanings: Small-volume Nebulizer, Superior Vestibular Nerve, or Subdermal vascular network.SVN stands for small volume nebulizer in medical terms.

Who invented first nebulizer?

One of the first inhalers invented was a handheld device that did not use electricity. Carl F. Adam filed for the patent for a pocket-sized inhaler on March 16, 1835. This invention provided the basis for nebulizers to come.

What are the treatments for asthma?

the treatments of asthma are the inhalers and nebulizer

Has cromolyn sodium nebulizer solution been discontinued?


What are the effects of a nebulizer?

control and ease respiratory distress.

Is Albuterol Sulfate Nebulizer solution expensive?


How do you spell nebulizer?

In the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and most other English-speaking countries, the correct spelling is nebuliser.In the US, the correct spelling is nebulizer.

How does a nebulizer help a person with asthma?

A Nebulizer works to administer medication into an individuals lungs through normal breathing. In the case of an individual with Asthma the Bronchioles become inflammed and the individual is unable to effectively draw breath, or respirate. The Nebulizer allows normal breath action to administer medication.

What is a Pari-trek Portable Nebulizer model No46B0000?

A Nebulizer is machine that helps people breath. What you have is a portable version of that machine. The manufacturers of that machine can give you more information

What is the respiratory meaning for clvn?

Cool large volume nebulizer.

Where can you buy a hand held portable nebalizer in mesquite?

where can i buy an nebulizer

Who was the inventor of the first nebulizer?

Foley, Martin. Grychowski, Jerry. Blacker,

Is there a treatment to asthma?

go to the hospital or use a nebulizer or a asthma inhaler

Do you breathe through mouth or nose when on a nebulizer?

breathe through your mouth

Can you take cough medicine if you took Albuterol in nebulizer?

Yes. As long as you do not overdose on the albuterol, it is okay to take cough medicne (liquid or pill, nothing else) right after you have taken albuterol or nebulizer medication.

Does ProAir inhaler react with Nebulizer Albuteral?

Albuterol is the active ingredient and can be used either with an inhaler or through a nebulizer. it will do the same thing but just through a different mechanism. My son does better through the nebulizer as more of the medicine gets to his lungs but would be ok through an inhaler for an older person who understands better how to inhale it through the inhaler.