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Who invented the personal computer?


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You can't really put the credit on just one or two people. One guy discovered electricity (B. Franklin) then another guy used this electricity to make the first micro chip. Then another guy made another part that can be found in a PC, till voila! You got one great invention that was pieced together over thousands of years by thousands of different guys!

Try making your question more specific, like: "Who (what company or what group of nerds :P ) was responsible for making the version [put version name here] of the PC?" OR "Who made [put name of computer part here] and when did they make it?"

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Or if you want to just get right to the point, Ed Roberts of MITS (Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems--the company was founded to make telemetry equipment for model rockets, and its first successful product was a calculator) is considered the father of the personal computer. He designed the Altair 8800, which sold in kit form for about $400.

Now understand that a "computer kit" in the 1970s was far different from one today. If you were to "build your own computer" right now, you'd buy a big pile of prebuilt parts, put a premade operating system and premade programs on it, and be playing Doom within two or three hours. In the 1970s you got a printed circuit board with nothing soldered to it, and big bags of resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits and so on. And you better know how to read a resistor color code because that's the only labeling you were going to get. Added bonus: it LOOKED like a computer, which computers don't anymore.


The first general purpose computer was the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer (ENIAC) it was unveiled February 14, 1946 and created by John Adam Presper Eckert Jr and John Mauchly for the purpose of calculating artillery firing tables. It was also able to be reprogrammed to solve a full range of computing problems.

DECADES LATER, Henry Edward "Ed" Roberts invented the first commercially successful personal computer in 1975.
Alan turing


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The IMB personal computer was invented in november 21 1984

The personal computer was invented in August 12, 1981. IBM created this, and the company called it the IBM PC.

the person who invented the 1st personal computer was Steve wozniak. he invented the apple computer.

you did or did the person next to you

The invention of the modern personal computer cannot be accredited to one individual. This is because the invention of the modern personal computer was as a result of the contributions from many inventors.

IBM launched their first personal computer (model number 5150) on August 12, 1981.

The first desktop personal computer was the Programma 101. It was invented by Pier Giorgio Perotto and was produced by Olivetti company.

The first truly personal and popular computer was the Apple I, created by Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak.

The Personal Computer (PC) was invented by Steve Wozniak. The computer platform widely referred to as 'the PC' was created by the International Business Machines (IBM) corporation.

Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak are the co-creators of the original personal computer.

They put a bunch of pieces together and made it mechanical.

Ed Roberts of MITS. The Altair in 1975. This is the computer that got Gates and Allen in business.

Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).Personal Computer (PC).

The first problem with making the computer useful as a personal computer was size. When they were first invented, they were huge, reportedly taking up an entire room.

it was introduced in the year 1975 and invented byMITS Altair

Henry Edward Roberts designed the Altair 8800 personal computer. This very computer inspired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to enter the software business.

Personal Computer , mobile phone , internet ,

The first personal computer that fits today's standard (ready to go right out of the box) would be the Apple II. It was released in 1977. Earlier personal computers required assembly.

A personal computer is interactive and 'useful'.A personal computer is dedicated and 'user-friendly. A personal computer is co-operativ A personal computer is accessible. =]

Personal computer (PC) is a computer that someone owns at there home. A computer that is not personal is owned by a business.

No. He died a full 7 years before the first widely available personal computer was invented.

The first PC was invented in 1971 by MITS. (This research was done completely by me) (Ask the other guy and he'll say "i think it was invented in 1992")

Personal computer Personal computer.

When was the first personal computer created?" When was the first personal computer created?"

Bill Gates did not invent the computer. The first drawings of the computer is credited to Charles Babbage. Bill Gates invented the Apple computer, an early personal computer.

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