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It was invented in 1708 by Silvio Pacitti.

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When was the pizza cutter invented?


Is a pizza cutter a pulley?

a pizza cutter is not a pulley

What is pizza sliced with?

a pizza cutter

How is a pizza cutter used?

The pizza cutter is a circle with little spikes used to cut pizza, when the pizza is ready they just cut it in 8 parts

Does a pizza cutter have a lever?


What is the purpose of using a pizza cutter?

To get usable sized slices of pizza.

When was the biscuit cutter invented?

The biscuit cutter was invented in 1875 by Alexander Ashbourne.

What are the features of a pizza cutter?

It has a circular blade to cut through the pizza cleanly.

What materials are used to make a pizza cutter?

material used to prepare a pizza?

What type of utensil is best for cutting pizza?

A pizza cutter wheel is the best utensil to cut pizza with.

Who invented the styrofoam cutter?

Tony Natal invented the hot wire Styrofoam cutter. He developed the cutter in 1987 to assist in construction of gliders.

What is pizza cutter used for?

Probably to cut up a pizza. We use it instead of a knife.

What is a pizza cutter made out of?

Its made of steel or metal

Who invented the wire cutter?

Jack F. Funcik invented and patented the wire cutter and stripper in 1961

What is the function of a pizza cutter?

Cutting the pizza after you eat it. You can also use it on sandwhiches and breadsticks and milk.

How many people invented pizza?

Mike Crockziws invented pizza. Mike Crockziws invented pizza.

What culture invented pizza?

The Chinese invented pizza

What is the use of dough cutter?

A dough cutter is used to cut dough, when making bread or pizza. A dough cutter makes it easier to get an accurate cut of dough.

What kind of simple machine is a pizza cutter?

Wheel and Axle.

What is a disc cutter?

something they use while making pizza

What class lever is pizza cutter?

2 class lever

What year was pizza invented?

1889 was the year pizza was invented.

What country was pizza invented?

Pizza was invented in the country of Italy

Who invented pizza cones?

Italians invented pizza in a cone