Who invented the process the first sound recording was made on tin-wrapped cylinders that could be played on phonograph when?

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Thomas Edison
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When was the first record player invented?

In 1877, Thomas Edison (1847-1931) invented the phonograph, which originally used cylinders of metal or wax. The first true "record player" using disks was the "gramophone" patented by German-American inventor Emile Berliner in 1888..... I hope this is enough....??

Who invented the phonograph?

Thomas Edison did not originally invent the phonograph, anotherinvented it before him. His name was Emile Berliner. Thomas Edison is widely acknowledged as the person who invented thephonograph.

How did Thomas Edison invent the phonograph?

This was a tin foil phonograph. The phonograph played cylinders andnot disks which led to his discovery that he could playbackmessages via this invention. .

When did Thomas Edison invent the phonograph?

Thomas invented the phonograph in the year of 1878 and took him 30 hours with a little help from his Friend john kruesi. Edison is credited with the invention of the phonograph in 1877. thomas Edison invented the phonograph in the year 1877. he demonstrated the phonograph on Dec.7th ( Full Answer )

Who made the first sound recording?

The phonautograph is the earliest known device for recording sound. Invented by Frenchman Léon Scott, it was patented on March 25, 1857. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/When_was_the_first_sound_recorder_made#ixzz1Glnf6GXc

When was the phonograph invented?

The phonograph was invented in 1877, by Thomas Edison. In October of 1877 Edison invented the phonograph - several months later in 1878 he made his first production model. Later versions were known as gramophones and record players.

Who made the first violin with a phonograph horn?

Johannes Matthias Augustus Stroh patented it in 1899. It is named for him, the Stroh Violin. It was used often in Vaudeville and silent movie theatres because of the amplified nature of its sound.

Where was the phonograph invented?

The phonograph was invented in October, 1877 by Thomas Alva Edisonin New Jersey. Thomas Edison was Born in Milan Ohio, but he moved to Port Huronwhen he was 7, then moved out at 16. He moved to New Jersey andcreated a lab there where he invented his inventions.

What was the very first phonograph record?

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph. The first recording was Edison himself reciting "Mary Had A Little Lamb". The first records were cylindrical like a rolling pin.

Did the invention of the tin foil phonograph have any impact on society?

Answer Yes, the tinfoil phonograph as invented by Thomas A. Edison in 1877 did have an impact! Previous to the phonograph's invention no one would have dared to believe a dead person's speech could come back to life! It was then thought that once a person died, all things verbal went with them, los ( Full Answer )

Who invented phonograph?

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alba Edison in 1877. He invented the phonograph in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

How do you Clean phonograph records?

DON'T CLEAN THEM! A damp cloth can be used to gently wipe off dust and dirt, with the exception of thick Edison diamond disc records which are made of a fiberboard core covered with shellac, the water will swell the Edison records. Avoid wiping the label, they are normally paper. Brushing them with ( Full Answer )

Is the phonograph Edison's best invention?

Any answer to this question is going to be a matter of OPINION. In my opinion, his greatest Contribution to the modern world was the "Perfection" of the Incandescent Light Bulb . He did not invent the light bulb, but bought the Patent and made it a practical invention by finding a long lasting Fi ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first DVD Recorder?

Answer : . "The First DVD Recorder was invented on December 2005 by Robin Woolum when Robin Woolum got a DVD Recorder at Wal-Mart near Richmond, IN 47374!!!!!!"

How do you fix a scratch on phonograph records?

As a kid, in the 60's and 70's, I would fix everyones scratched 45's by gently pressing and holding the needle or stylus in the spot on the record where the scratch occurs. I would go over the same scratched spot of the record, and repress the groove until the skips or scratch clears. I know this so ( Full Answer )

Who invented a phonograph?

Thomas Edison is credited with the invention of the phonograph.Edison invented this device in 1877 after several other inventorshad failed to create a machine that could reproduce sound.

Who invented the Tin foil phonograph?

In July 1877, while developing his telephone transmitter, Thomas Edison conceived the idea of recording and playing back telephone messages. After experimenting with a telephone "diaphragm having an embossing point & held against paraffin paper moving rapidly," he found that the sound "vibrations ar ( Full Answer )

How do you dispose of old phonograph records?

12 gauge shot gun.. I have 2 boxes from victor records with aprox 15-20 phonograph records in each.. at first glance I thought they were the records used to make several copys from. but there not. anyone wanna buy them?

What music player was invented after the phonograph?

Tape recorders. the phonograph dates to l877 (Edison cylindrical models) but the first tape recorder-originally intended as a phone-answering machine- called a Telegraphone was not patented until l904 by a Danish-American inventor. early tape machines were quite cumbersome and usually confined to re ( Full Answer )

Why Thomas Edison invented the phonograph?

Edison patented the sound recording and reproducing phonograph in 1878 but did not invent it. Charles Cros produced a theory (April 18, 1877) concerning a phonograph, but he never made the working model. Thomas Edison did manage to manufacture a model in order to acquire the patent.

When and where was the phonograph invented?

the phonograph was made by Thomas Edison in 1877. It was made in his studio.. And he made the telegraph and telephone out of this invention. He made the model for it in 1878.

Who invented the phonograph and the kinetoscope?

The phonograph was invented in 1877, by Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison described the concept of simulating motion in 1888, and his associate William Dickson created a practical device by 1892.

How does a phonograph make sound?

The needle runs over the grooves in the vinyl record album, and waves in the surface of the vinyl cause the needle to vibrate. That vibration is transmitted to a piezoelectric crystal which converts it into a modulated electric current. The current is amplified into a stronger current and fed to lou ( Full Answer )

What was the first machine that could play sound back?

The first phonograph, invented by Thomas Alva Edison, recorded sound by engraving vibrations into a groove on a foil-covered rotating cylinder, and plaved the sound back through a vibrating diaphragm connected to a stylus.

The first man to record sound?

Thomas Edison with the wax phonograph. The words being " Mary had a little lamb, it's fleece as white as snow. And everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go"

You invented the phonograph who are you?

I don't exactly understand what you are asking ... but I will try to answer. Thomas Edison is the original inventor of the phonograph on November 20, 1887. Although, after the patent for Edison's phonograph expired many other companies began competing with Edison's phonograph company, and came up w ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first sound recording device?

The first practical sound recording andreproduction device was the mechanical phonographcylinder, invented by Thomas Edison in 1877. For a fuller answer, Google 'Firsts in the recording of sight andsound'.

Was the phonograph invented in 1876?

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Alba Edison in 1877. He invented the phonograph in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

When did Thomas Edison invent the first sound recording?

U.S. inventor. He had very little formal schooling. He set up a laboratory in his father's basement at age 10; at 12 he was earning money selling newspapers and candy on trains. He worked as a telegrapher (1862 - 68) before deciding to pursue invention and entrepreneurship. Throughout much of his ca ( Full Answer )

What was the first song played on a phonograph?

Mary Had A Little Lamb can be considered a song as well as a nursery rhyme (and w/all due respect to Doug, Stevie Ray Vaughn has the best version!). Are we all sure that Edison spoke the words, rather than sang them?click here bro http://www.funtrivia.com/askft/Question41376.html and also wright on ( Full Answer )

Who invented the sound recorder?

The 'Phonautograph' was the first machine or device that was ableto record sound waves passing through the air. It was invented byEdouard-Loon Scott de Martinville in 1857. Years later, Thomas AlvaEdison perfected the sound recording technology in 1878, with hisPhonograph, although it was difficult ( Full Answer )

Why was the phonograph invention important to society?

The invention of the phonograph was very important to society. The invention itself was very useful during the time of Edison and has impacted many similar inventions that have proved to be useful today.

Where was the record wax cylinder player invented?

The phonograph was invented by Thomas Edison on 18 July 1877. His first test using tin foil wrapped around a hand-cranked cylinder.[1] Tin foil was not a practical recording medium for everyday use and commercial production. Within a few years Edison developed wax cylinders licensed by Charles Sumne ( Full Answer )

When was the first sound recorder made?

The phonautograph is the earliest known device for recording sound. Invented by Frenchman Léon Scott, it was patented on March 25, 1857.

What is the modern day invention of the phonograph?

After the cassette tape player/recorder this was overtaken by the CD player/recorder, followed by the DAT tape player and the Mini disk CD player/recorder. This as mostly been superseded by MP3 format players :- including mobile phones/ i Pads etc.

How could you put 'phonograph' in a sentence?

The phonograph played softly, its needle skipped, then it was back on the groove again. There was a phonograph at the back of the club, it was playing miles davis. The phonograph is also know as the record player. The phonograph is a device that plays sounds from wax. If you do not know what a pho ( Full Answer )

When did Thomas Edison invent cylinders that could be played with a phonograph?

About l877. the earliest Edison phonographs were the cylinder type. Disc recordings (hence the term Disk Jockey) were invented by Emil Berliner much later and he sold the patents to Columbia Records. We still have both Columbia records and CBS. Mr. Berliner was a US citizen who also developed the Mi ( Full Answer )

What is the phonograph made out of?

The phonograph made out of various things. There are some parts that are made out of wood while others are made from metal and plastic. This is a record player that was used in the past.