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Who invented the slide rule?

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The slide rule was invented during the period of 1620-1650 by William Oughtred, based on the earlier invention of the Gunter scale by Edmund Gunter. The original slide rule is said to have been circular, and come about 1620 or 1625. The straight slide rule is said to have been invented around 1650.

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When was invented the slide rule?

The slide rule was invented by William Oughtred in about 1620.

When was the slide rule invented?

AnswerThe slide rule was invented by William Oughtred in 1625. AnswerWe do not know the precise year. A circular slide rule was invented by William Oughtred some time about 1620, and a design of a similar slide rule by Delamain was printed in about 1630. The straight slide rule seems to have been invented later, some time around 1650.

Who invented the slide rule in 1632?

The slide rule was invented by William Oughtred some time about 1620 or 1625.

Where did the oughtred slide rule invented?

william oughtreds

Where was the slide rule invented?

The slide rule was invented in England, by William Oughtred, in about 1620. This probably happened in Albury, near Guildford, in Surrey, where he lived. Records are not specific.

Who invented slide rule?

a person invented it. i do abid you a good day now.

Who invented the Slide-Rule?

William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the 17th century based on the emerging work on logarithms by John Napier.

What mathematical instrument days were numbered because of the invented pocket calculator?

The Slide Rule

Who invented a multiplication device for improving the abacus which was the forerunner of the slide rule?

8 times 4

Who invented the water slide?

Who invented the water slide?

What was the purpose of slide rule?

Well.. the purpose of the slide rule is that, to count, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. For as its structure is like a ruler and has a transparent slider. It is the type of a cursor, used for pointing out the numerals/ numbers. It is the third calculator invented, after Napier's bones. It was invented by Napier, as well.

Why was the slide rule invented?

The slide rule very much simplified calculations of multiplication and division, especially were a ratio was to be used over and over. Edmund Gunter had already invented the Gunter scale, but it was clumsy and required dividers (the things like compasses, but with two sharp ends instead of one sharp end and a piece of pencil lead) to use. William Oughtred realized that two Gunter scales facing each other made it unnecessary to use the dividers. That realization was the invention of the slide rule. The slide rule was developed to perform multiplication and division before calculators had been invented. a addition and subtraction

When did Oughtred invent the slide rule?

William Ougthered invent Slide Rule in 1622!

What has the author John Jesse Clark written?

John Jesse Clark has written: 'The slide rule and logarithmic tables, including a ten-place table of logarithms' -- subject(s): Logarithms, Slide-rule 'The slide rule' -- subject(s): Slide-rule

Does pi actually exist on a slide rule?

Yes, it is a point on the slide rule. It is exact and not a decimal number.

What are the devices invented before the computer?

abacus slide rule Pascaline the Stepped Reckoner the analytical engine typewriter tabulating machine

Who invented the first slide phone and when?

Siemens invented the first Slide Phone in 2009 or earlier.

What has the author Stefan Rudolf written?

Stefan Rudolf has written: 'The modern slide rule' -- subject(s): Slide-rule

What is the 7x7 rule?

the 7x7 rule means theres no more then 7 bullets on a slide and no more then 7 sentences on a slide

How discover the slide rule?


Who invented slide calipers?

Slide calipers was invented by the French mathematician Pierre Vernier.It was known as Vernier calipers.

What is an Oughtred's slide rule?

The slide rule, also known as a slipstick, is a mechanical analog computer. The slide rule is used primarily for multiplication and division, and also for "scientific" functions such as roots, logarithms and trigonometry, but does not generally perform addition or subtraction. William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the 1600sThere are pictures and information about slide rules at the Wikipedia article listed in the related links below.

What invention replaced the slide rule?

Slide rules were replaced by pocket calculators. This happened very suddenly as soon as the price of the calculator became comparable with the slide rule. The market for the slide rule dried up almost completely, in much of the world, in less than a year. Some specialty slide rules have survived, however.

What has the author E Laverne Eagle written?

E. LaVerne Eagle has written: 'Slide rule computation' -- subject(s): Slide-rule

Who invented the microscope slide?

Galileo Galelei invented the microscope,