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Who invented the street sweeper truck?


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Charles Brooks of Newark, New Jersey. Patented on March 17, 1896

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C. B. Brooks invented the first street sweeper truck.

Yes , the street sweeper was patented on March 17, 1896.

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Another name for a street sweeper is a street cleaner. This was an occupation held by humans until the invention of mechanical sweepers.

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In 1843 in England Joseph Whitworth invented Charles Brooks invented "The Patent Street Sweeping Machine of Manchester".In 1849 in Easton, PA, USA, C S Bishop patented a street sweeping machine.In 1913 John M Murphy sold the first "Elgin Motorized Sweeper" to the city of Boise, Idaho, USA (earlier machines had been horse-drawn).

This answer applies to all states and territories of the US.That depends on the specifics of the sweeper. If it's a sweeping unit mounted on a truck chassis, and that truck chassis has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 26,001 lbs. or more, then yes, it would require a CDL. If it's a purpose-built street sweeper (one example being the Elgin Pelican) then it's considered mobile machinery, and does not require a CDL.

a street sweeper is a person or a vehicle that sweeps trash and alot of other things off roads mostly main roads!

In 1896 Charles Brooks, of Newark, NJ, invented new things for the street sweeper like revolving brushes. He also invented the ticket punch.

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Brooks wanted to improve the way the city of Newark NJ was cleaned, and by inventing a mechanized street sweeper, it made things easier for municipal workers.

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