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Who invented the videotape?

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Alexander M. Poniatoff, Russian inventor who started off making curling tongs and branding them as machines made by Ampex (His initials plus "ex" for excellence invented a way of recording moving pictures and audio (the audio sadly later faded away) in 1949, but by the time he found a young Bing Crosby to make his machine more popular, his Ampex machine was unheard of since everyone was thinking VERA was the first. Then when the recordings made by VERA were seen and people didn't think they were very good and by the time VERA had been improved to very high standards the VERA machine had long since been uninstalled and due to the bad quality of the televised recordings nobody believed their claims and the BBC and ITV had recently signed contracts with and installed Ampex.

So, bottom line. VERA may have been the first machine to record television images but the first mass-produced (only one or two VERA's were made) videotape recorder apparatus was Ampex.

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When and where was the videotape recorder invented?

the videotape was made in 1956 the videotape was made in 1956

What company invented videotape?


When was a videotape invented?

1996 yourwelcome

Who invented the portable video recorder in 1965?

Th Ampex Company invented the videotape recorder in 1956.Th Ampex Company invented the videotape recorder in 1956.

Who invented videotapes?

The video tape was invented by Charles Ginsburg. Him and a team of engineers then developed the videotape recorder at Ampex.

What year was the VCR invented?

The history of the videocassette recorder follows the history of videotape recording in general. Ampex introduced the Ampex VRX-1000, the first commercially successful videotape recorder, in 1956

Who made the first video tape recorder?

Charles Ginsburg invented the first videotape recorder (VTR)

Who is Alexander m poinbiatoff?

According to my son's homework tonight Alexander M Poinbiatoff invented the videotape in 1.950

How do you use the word videotape in a sentence?

I will videotape the whole thing

How would you put this entence into a diaphragm of indirect object and direct object my aunt will give me a videotape?

In the sentence, 'My aunt will give me a videotape.', the direct object is 'videotape', the indirect object is 'me'. will give -> videotape (to me)

When were video recorders invented?

Ampex introduced the Ampex VRX-1000, the first commercially successful videotape recorder in 1956

Why would you videotape a crime?

A videotape makes excellent evidence in the courtroom.

What is plural from of the word videotape?

The plural form for the singular noun videotape is videotapes.

When was Videotape - band - created?

Videotape - band - was created in 2007.

Is videotape a concrete noun?

Yes, the word 'videotape' is a concrete noun, a word for a physical thing.

Who invented the videotape recorder?

Charles Ginsburg was the head of a group of Ampex engineers who are credited with the invention of the first videotape recorder. The other engineers were Charles Anderson, Ray Dolby, Shelby Henderson, Fred Pfost and Alex Maxby. Ginsburg was elected to the National Academy of Engineers in 1973.

What is the synonym of videotape?


What are the release dates for Videotape - 2014?

Videotape - 2014 was released on: USA: 4 March 2014 (internet)

Is it legal to videotape a police officer in a public place?

It is legal to videotape anyone anywhere, and a police officer is no exception.

What is videotape made of?

According to Wikipedia videotape is a form of plastic film. The most common material for plastic film is polyethylene.

What was the demand for VHS videotape in 2001?

Consumer demand for blank VHS videotape fell to 348 million units in 2001

What was the demand for VHS videotape in 2002?

Consumer demand for blank VHS videotape fell to 330 million units in 2002

Do you need permission to videotape someone?


How do you use videotape in a sentence?

A videotape is the format that was used to distribute movies to the public prior to DVD. An example of this word used in a sentence would be, "The VCR ate the videotape, spewing multiple feet of black tape all over the floor."

Can you videotape with the DSi?

I don't believe so.

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