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Who invented washing machines?

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Now not everyone know's who but I'm not quite sure either well u could look things up on or this website but it wont tell u i go to Google it takes mi to this website when i ask certain questions im not sure why?But im PRETTY sure u will figugre this answer out well if you don't i hope u will cause i might probaly figure this out if i do i will post it on here so u or people may know this answer to this question.!

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Who invented the washing mashine?

washing machines were invented by Louis Roider in 1857

When were washing machines invented?


Where was the washing machines invented?

New Jersey

When did people start using washing machines?

when they were invented

What did they do before washing machines were invented?

Hand wash it.

Why do people invent washing machines?

People invented washing machines so women would have more time to do other things than washing clothes but hand

Who invented washing machines in Victorian Britain?

John Rachel

Washing machines made in the US?

Staber washing machines.

How many washing machines are per person?

3 washing machines

When were washing machines made with plutonium?

Washing machines doesn't contain plutonium.

When were the washing machines invented?

in ............ URANUS hahaha i crack maself up luv dani reddington x

How many washing machines do the Duggars have?

The Duggars have four washing machines and four dryers.

What washing machines have the best reviews?

One of the best rated washing machines are LG washing machines. LG makes more than just washing machines they also make television sets. And they are highly rated in many other areas.

Were there washing machines in the 1990s?

Yes - electric washing machines have been around since the 1930's.

What are some manufacturers of washing machines?

Some manufacturers of washing machines are Whirlpool, Kenmore, GE, Maytag, and Admiral. These manufacturers produce both top load and front load washing machines.

Who invented the washing machines?

The earliest Washing machine "the Scrub board" was invented in 1797 and the American James King patented the first washing machine to use a drum in 1851. In 1858 Hamilton Smith patented the first rotary washing machine and on the 9th August 1910 Alva Fisher patented the first electric washing machine 42ne

What is the definition of manual washing?

Manual washing means washing by hand. Washing machines are not included in manual washing.

How do Maytag Neptune washing machines compare in price to other brands of washing machines?

Maytag Neptune washing machines are with about 1000 Dollars quite expensive. But despite its high price the capacity of the washing machine seems to be quite high.

Who invented the deer?

Animals are not invented. Machines are invented. Animals are not machines,

What is the ideal set temperature for washing machines to conserve energy?

What is the ideal set temperature for washing machines to conserve energy?

What are fill hoses for washing machines?

Fill hoses for washing machines catch the materials that can clog a drain. An example is lint.

Why do clothes get knotted up in washing machines?

The reason why clothes get knotted up in side washing machines is most washing machines have sort of flap around the doorway and if say a pant leg or a shirt sleeve gets caught in there it causes a domino affect,thus create a huge clothes knot in the washing machines

What simple machines are used in washing machines?

a small rotary motor

Do they have washing machines in India?

Of course they do

Does G.E. sell top loading washing machines?

G.E does sell top loading washing machines. G.E. makes many kinds of washing machines. G.E. is a popular company so its products are found in many stores.