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Q: Who invested in asda?
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How much influence does the stakeholders have on Asda?

Asda is owned by walmart and therefore the shareholders of walmart have a big say on ASDA. Because the largest shareholders of walmart are asset management companies that invest on behalf of there clients and shareholders they have a big say collectively. Normally these asset companies have between 2-5% each invested.

Who is the owner of asda?

Walmart own Asda because they bought Asda from the first owners.

Who made asda?

how made asda

What is asda's slogan?

that's asda prices *bum slap*

Where is Asda?

You can find your nearest Asda supermarket by visiting the Asda website. See "Sources and related links" (below) for a link to the Asda Store Finder.

What is the type of ownership is ASDA?


Does Asda use science?

Yes, ASDA so does use sceince! apparently it does anyway, because i am using ASDA for my portfolio in Scinece!

What is the slogan for asda?

there's no place like asda

How is Walmart important for Asda?

Asda is a subsidiary of Walmart

Is ASDA a Jewish Shop?

ASDA was founded by Jews

Is asda secondary primary or tertiary?

asda is secondary

Where is the head office of asda?

Asda ASDA House, Southbank, Great Wilson Street Leeds LS11 5AD England

How many stores does asda have worldwide?

ASDA is only ASDA in the UK - Worldwide, it's owned by Walmart, an American company.

When did the ASDA Electricals website launch?

ASDA Electricals is a sub division of the now Walmart owned supermarket chain ASDA. The website was launced in October 2008 under the name Direct Asda.

Where can one find out where their nearest ASDA supermarket is?

One can use the ASDA Store Locator to find out where their nearest ASDA supermarket is. By entering their postal (zip) code one can find out where their nearest ASDA supermarket is.

Why is asda in Leeds?

asda used to be called associated dairies years ago, and i think they were based in leeds before they became "asda"

ApplyFor an advantage card for ASDA . How?

i like to shopping at asda

What part in London is asda?

There are probably hundreds of ASDA in London.

How many countries does asda operates?

what countries does asda operate in

When was Asda Jayanama born?

Asda Jayanama was born in 1949.

What is the motto of Asda?

Asda's motto is 'Saving you money everyday'.

When was Asda FM created?

Asda FM was created in 1991.

What does the acronym ASDA stand for?

ASDA, American Student Dental Association. ASDA, American Sleep Disorders Association. ASDA, Australian Sports Drug Agency. There are many names that go by this around the whole world.

Where are asda stores?

Topsy-Turvy is the meaning of asda. So asda stores must mean stores that are very different the normal stores.

Where can you purchase asda car insurance?

Asda car insurance is available to purchase online or over the phone. Asda is based in the United Kingdom.