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Who is Abraham the son of Moses?

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The Biblical Abraham is regarded as the founding patriarch of the Israelites whom God chose to bless, and to make into a blessing for all peoples on Earth. Moses, however, was born '''after''' Abraham died; Moses was most likely one of Abraham's descendents, not the other way around. Perhaps there's another Abraham son of Moses?

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Is Moses the son of Abraham?

No Moses is not the son of Abraham, it was Isaac who was Abraham son.

Was Moses a descendant of Abraham?

Yes. Here is the lineage: Isaac was a son of Abraham Jacob was a son of Isaac Levi was a son of Jacob Kehat was a son of Levi Amram was a son of Kehat Moses was a son of Amram.

Who did Moses descend from?

Moses was the son of Amram the son of Kohath who was the son of Levi who was the son of Jacob. (Exodus 6:16-20). Jacob was of course the son of Isaac the son of Abraham.

Who was Moses Abraham?

Abraham was Moses forefather.

When did Abraham Moses Luncz die?

Abraham Moses Luncz died in 1918.

When was Abraham Moses Luncz born?

Abraham Moses Luncz was born in 1854.

Is Moses related to Jesus?

Moses is related to Jesus by the connection to the Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. However, Moses is descended from Jacob's son Levi and Jesus is descended from Jacob's son Judah. This is at least 50 or so generations back.

How was Moses related to Abraham?

Moses was a sixth-generation descendant of Abraham. The generations are: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Levi, Kehath, Amram, Moses.See also the Related Link.Link: More about Abraham, Isaac and JacobLink: More about Moses

Who came first Moses or abraham?


Who came first abraham or Moses?


How many years from Abraham to Moses?

From the birth of Abraham to the birth of Moses, 420 years elapsed.

Was Joshua the son of Moses?

No Joshua was the son of Hun, not Moses.

What was the name of the mountain that Moses climbed up to kill his son in the Bible?

You are probably thinking of Abraham, and the mountain was Mount Moriah.

How were Abraham and Moses related?

A:According to biblical tradition, Abraham was Moses' ancestor,and preceded him by 7 generations.

Is Abraham and Moses the same people?

No, Abraham and Moses were two different people who lived at different times.

Was the son of Hazrat Moses also a prophet?

no the son of hazrat moses was not a prophet. the prophet after moses was harun.

Did Abraham come before moses?

No Moses came first.

Is Abraham related to Moses?

Abraham was Moses' direct ancestor, but pre-dated him by several generations, and they never met.

When did Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon die?

Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon died in 1237.

When was Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon born?

Abraham ben Moses ben Maimon was born in 1186.

If Moses was not a priest then was he a Levite?

Indeed, Moses, was not a priest, as all priests are descendants of Aaron, his brother. Moses was the son of Amram, the son of Kehat, who was the son of Levi. Thus, Moses was a Levite.

Is moses a son of god?

No. Moses was not a son of God according to the Old Testament

Who was born first Abraham or moses?

Abraham was born first. You read about Abraham in the first chapters of Genesis, and Moses doesn't appear on the scene until the book of Exodus, which is the second book of the Old Testament.

How is Moses related Abraham?

Moses was a direct descendant of Abraham.Abraham [b. 1996BC Ussher]IIIsaac A's sonIIJacob A's grandsonIILevi A's great grandsonIIKohath A's great great grandsonIIAmran A's great great great grandsonIIMoses A's great great great great grandson [b. 1586BC Ussher]This means Moses was Abraham's great great great great grandson.

Son of Abraham and hagar?

The son of Abraham and Hagar was Ishmael.