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Achilles Heel is an old saying about a guy who is invincible except for his heel. the moral is that everybody has a weakness. Example: The spiders are her Achilles Heel or it means: the only thing that can scare her are spiders .

His mother dipped all of Achilles in the river Styx all except his heel. He was invincible everywhere except his heels because of that

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Q: Who is Achilles and what was the importance of his heel?
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What heel was Achilles week heel?

The left heel was Achilles week heel.

What was Achilles's weak spot?

Achilles' heel was his weak spot thus the saying that someone's weakness is their "Achilles heel."

How do you use Achilles' heel ina sentence?

Society's achilles' heel is the politician. (Since heel is singular, so is "is", and not are.)

Why is the tendon above the heel called the Achilles heel?

It was named after the hero "Achilles", who was killed when an arrow penetrated his heel.

Sentence with Achilles heel?

His inability to endure long distance running is his Achilles heel.

What do you do to get relief from Achilles heel?

smoother your Achilles heel in fresh karagh to let it relax

Why did the Achilles die in the heel?

Achilles died in the heel because when he bathed in River Styx he chose his heel as his weak spot.

What is the Achilles catch-pharase?

Achilles heel,

Why is a weak point called an Achilles Heel?

Achilles is a famous greek warrior and his only weak spot was his heel. that's why its called an Achilles heel. it means a weak spot.

How did Paris killed Achilles if he is invincible?

He had a weak spot on his heel that is why a weakness is called an Achilles heel

What will bring about Achilles death?

a blow to his heel which was his weak spot which is the meaning of the phrase ''your Achilles heel''

Name a famous charactes who has an Achilles' heel?

Everyone has a weakness. There is nobody who doesn't have an "Achilles' Heel"

What is an analogy for Achilles heel?

Achilles heel means a weakness of yours or your weakest point either physically or in a strategy.

What is a good sentence for Achilles heel?

When it comes to school subjects, math is definitely my Achilles heel.

When was Achilles Heel - Homeland - created?

Achilles Heel - Homeland - was created on 2011-11-20.

What does the phrase Achilles' heel mean?

The phrase 'Achilles heel' means a weakness someone has who is otherwise unbeatable. It can be used in almost any context such as Superman's Achilles heel is kryptonite. The saying comes from the Greek hero Achilles who was invincible apart from a small spot on his heel.

What are weaknesses of Achilles?

Achilles' weakness was his heel, because when he was dipped in the river Styx to become immortal, his mother missed his heel; hence the expression "Achilles' heel" for someone's fatal weakness.

Achilles is ivincible except his?

His heel.

How do you die from getting show with an arrow in the Achilles heel?

Achilles died because his heel was his weak spot

What is an example of Achilles heel?

"Math is considered her Achilles heel. She always gets failing grades in that class."

How do you use Achilles' heel in a sentence?

The phrase "Achilles' heel" is a way of naming a weakness. An example of a sentence using the phrase would be: While he was a fantastic basketball player, free throws were his Achilles' heel.

Where did 'Achilles heel' get its name?

The term Achilles heel came from the famous Greek hero Achilles because he was could not be harmed anywhere except the Achilles heel. He was believed to have earned his invincibility of not being harmed anywhere by taking a dip in the river Styx.

Is the 'Achilles tendon' in the knee heel or toe?

The Achilles tendon is in the Heel by Ahmed

Why was Achilles heel vulnerable?

Thetis dipped Achilles in the waters of the River Styx, by which means he became invulnerable, except for the part of his heel by which she held him-the proverbial "Achilles' heel."

What is the tendon which connects your calf muscle to the back of your heel?

The Achilles tendon.Achilles tendon is what connects the calf muscle to the heel bone.Achilles TendonAchilles tendon